What television show are you watching?


Currently going between two, although there’s a good chance I will finish one pretty soon. Watching Peaky Blinders on Netflix (it’s about a gang in England in the early 1900s) and Deadwood on Amazon. Trying to finish up all these little series so I can concentrate on game of thrones this summer. So many to watch. Plus keeping up in the network shows like l&o:svu. And xfiles. Can’t forget xfiles. :grin:


Peaky Blinders is pretty good. I’ve tuned out a bit on the last season or two, but it’s not bad. I like the use of old-sounding covers of more modern songs.


I’ll be watching this in a little over 3 weeks. Is @Lee_Ars planning to do the same?


Girls und Panzer.

No, do not ask why I’m watching this. I don’t know either.


Tits and heavy metal?


Motorway cops series on youtube. Gives us an idea of what traffic cops do during their shifts.

PROTIP : Always, always act polite towards a cop, you don’t know what sort of scheiße he/she had before you came along. More often than not you’ll avoid getting a nasty incident.


We caught up on the final two episodes of Season 5 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. last night. I’d caught a couple spoilers online so I knew one bad thing that was going to happen but it still suuuuuuucked to see it happen.

They wrote & filmed it before they knew that there’d be a Season 6 (Summer 2019, after Avengers 4 so that they don’t have to answer questions coming out of Infinity War) so it was wrapped up in a way that served as a series finale but left things open enough to continue.


Haha!! Nope.

Anime series about mechanised (tank vs tank) combat as a subject at multiple girl’s high schools.


I’m rewatching Community on Amazon Prime - I’d forgotten how good some of the episodes are. Specifically the ones where they parody genre movies and shows. The Law and Order and the Ken Burns documentary episodes are brilliant, especially since they got guest stars who were on the originals.

And Mr. TM and I are watching Heroes for the first time. We missed it back in the day - I think it was on the same night as our concert band practice - and we couldn’t be assed to tape it back then.


I tried to watch The Good Place, but it’s a 30 minute comedy that centers around a stupid asshole and there was a fart joke in the first 5 minutes. I couldn’t see it getting any better after that.


I really enjoyed the first season, but burned out on the second season in one or two episodes. It went from clever to formulaic.


Yeah, we’re finding we’re not enjoying season 2 as much. We’ll watch an episode with dinner, but have no desire to binge-watch like we did with season 1.


The writer’s strike was kind to them.


I keep bouncing around on Netflix, though I did just watch “The Fall” and am almost done with “Safe”. Then it’s back to “Frankenstein Chronicles” and finishing last seasons “Vikings”

As an aside, does anyone know how to make things get out of your “Continue watching” list? There’s so many I started and decided not to watch but they are annoyingly still there and my need for order wants them gone. :joy:



Open the Netflix app, click the menu icon in the top left and scroll to “Account”. Tap it. Scroll until you reach the “My Profile” section and then click on “Viewing activity”. Here you can remove any show you’ve ever watched by tapping the “X” next to a show’s name.


We tried 2 shows last weekend, but I think we may ‘bounce’ on both. Oddly, very different shows but for very different reasons.

Transparent was a show we expected to be a light comedy with a focus on the lead character. The recent Jeffrey Tambour stuff didn’t help make it work for us, but we gave it a shot. It’s more about an entire extended family, and there’s a lot of plots hitting the viewer in the first episode.

Very different, but Picnic at Hanging Rock is apparently a miniseries based on a movie based on a book that was big in Australia that was the “Blair Witch Project” of Australia decades before Blair Witch came out. As in, a weird mystery that lots of people claimed their cousin’s roommate’s urinalysis was involved in. Not bad, but I may have slightly spoiled myself by reading up on it. Basically, an all-girl’s private school gets weird when three girls disappear during a field trip to a local wonder of nature.

Both have a lot of out-of-context sequences. Some flashbacks are marked (especially in PaHR) but others are not. And some aren’t flashbacks, but weird dream sequences.

I’m not sure if we’ll return to either. We were talking about trying Parks & Rec again, which we bounced on previously, as people say it suffers from a bad first season.


I know he has been funny in some things, but he’s just so dang creepy to look at. I was not previously aware of the recent news, just always thought he was creepy. (Also, I sometimes get him confused with the guy that played the monster in Young Frankenstein and the dad on Everybody Loves Raymond, even though that’s a totally different guy. Wait it is a different guy, right? Yeah, I’m pretty sure it is.)

That can be so annoying. That’s what damn near ruined Dunkirk for me. And for me, it is bad enough to get it sorted in my head, but then $Wife inevitably asks me what happened, because the out of order stuff, combined with translating it in her head, always throws her for a loop.

I’ve heard Parks & Rec is good, but never seen it. I’ve seen a few scenes here and there, but never a whole episode on purpose. But I’ve heard good things. It is on my informal should-watch list.


Different guy. You’re thinking of the dearly departed Peter Boyle, IIRC.

Ironically we almost watched Dunkirk last weekend.

P&R looks to be a good ‘light’ show in that you don’t feel like you really miss anything if you take a nap, stop to play with the dog, etc. during it.


I was glad I used a free Redbox code to see Dunkirk. I have one friend that is into production value and cinematic froofy-ness, and he loved it. When they’re using a bunch of actors that I don’t recognize, and all dressed in uniforms, it can be too difficult to tell them apart to be able to easily determine who is who and what is going on. That’s most of the guys on the beach in Dunkirk. That makes all the cutting back and forth worse, so you get halfway in and realize “Oh, that’s the guy from the beginning. So, I’m supposed to care about him, or something?” But it is too late. Eff it… now I want that guy to get shot, just for a little action, along with the director and editor (should be shot for being confusing and annoying, artistic jackasses).

The Darkest Hour, however, was fantastic! We rented that a week or so after Dunkirk. I was able to point out to $Wife “See, that’s what the movie with the boats was about!”


Yes, or through the website go to my account from the profile you wish to get the shows off of and then go to viewing history. After doing both I got rid of all the crap I didn’t want. Yay!