What television show are you watching?


Currently going between two, although there’s a good chance I will finish one pretty soon. Watching Peaky Blinders on Netflix (it’s about a gang in England in the early 1900s) and Deadwood on Amazon. Trying to finish up all these little series so I can concentrate on game of thrones this summer. So many to watch. Plus keeping up in the network shows like l&o:svu. And xfiles. Can’t forget xfiles. :grin:


Peaky Blinders is pretty good. I’ve tuned out a bit on the last season or two, but it’s not bad. I like the use of old-sounding covers of more modern songs.


I’ll be watching this in a little over 3 weeks. Is @Lee_Ars planning to do the same?


Girls und Panzer.

No, do not ask why I’m watching this. I don’t know either.