What television show are you watching?


I’m actually recording it for the first time, as I’ve watched the other seasons on Netflix. Now I need to find a chance to watch it.


I love that Mac is the like the voice of the real person in this show. Also +1 for the shotgun axe… I hope it comes back.


Agreed. Trying to figure out their angle this season. And yes, Mac is definitely the voice of reason. Coulson, Daisy, and the rest come up with these outlandish plans and Mac is like “are you people serious right now?”.


“People complain no matter what the show does, so let’s just go nuts and enjoy the ride. Into the sun.”


Alphonso ‘Mack’ Mackenzie: It’s stupid. Just stupid.
Phil Coulson: All right, I get it.
Alphonso ‘Mack’ Mackenzie: Look, I’m just saying, what good is it having a state-of-the robotic hand if you don’t have it on you when your kidnapped by Martians?
Elena ‘Yo-Yo’ Rodriguez: Looks like he’s got both hands to me.
Alphonso ‘Mack’ Mackenzie: Ah, that’s his civvy hand. It’s just a prosthetic without all the cool doodads. It should’ve been a hook. At least you can stab things with a hook.


We say that every season.

IIRC this season is supposed to have multiple arcs, like last season did. My money’s on:

Arc 1: WTF we’re in the future and Earth is destroyed and the Kree are onto us!
Arc 2: Fitz figuring out time travel and how to bring everyone back and prevent the events that lead to Earth getting blowed up
Arc 3: Fitz is successful, is reunited with the team, everything is fixed, he & Simmons get that sammich, retire from S.H.I.E.L.D. and live happily ever after. Their firstborn son is named Ward.

But we all know that’s not how it’s going to go down.


Coulson: How hard did you hit him?
Mack: [incredulous] As hard as I possibly could! I don’t half-hit somebody! That’s why it’s called a punch!

Classic. I imagine that there is going to be some top-notch writing this season and the lines will just keep coming.


Started with top gear (original) with Jeremy and crew. Ookson is also interested.

Going to have to download a couple of youtubes at work for offline viewing at home until we can get an uncapped connection.


The Grand Tour is back! Only watched the first episode, but they’re dealing with a lot of the concerns about some of the less well-thought-out first season segments.

Spoiler & Content wanting: The first episode show’s Hammond’s most recent ugly crash.


There was something wrong with the first season?


People didn’t like the Celebrity Brain Crash segment at all. But at the same time, Grand Tour didn’t want to just go back to the ‘Celebrity of the week’ race format of the old Top Gear show.

Personally, I didn’t care for it but not enough to complain or stop watching.


The complaints I heard about the first season included:

  • Overly scripted. I think this might have been the result of the long break between TG and TGT, and maybe over-writing a show that, it should be said, has always had a lot of scripting and creative editing.
  • The American being just bad. (I think he recycled the same 3 jokes too much.)
  • Celebrity Brain Crash as not really needed. Rumors suggest that this may have been due to ongoing discussions with the BBC that forbid certain elements owned by TG migrating to TGT.

I enjoyed the first season, but a few elements didn’t work as well for me as others. I remember falling asleep during the ‘anti-terrorist training’/FPS game sketch in one early episode, for example.

In more somber news, we watched the first episode of the newest-to-Netflix series of Broadchurch and it was… somber. The season opened with a very stark rape investigation. Minimal music, harshly lit. Very serious and professional. Very somber.


I’ll agree to all those. The film in the first episode of the new season was much more laid-back like their old films. The American is gone and they had some interviews for a new one (You can find at least one online.) . Still not sure about the new Celebrity bit. They’re putting 2 people from the same field against one another. I wasn’t impressed. All I can say is the Hoff is no Adam West but he seems to be trying to embrace is his old roles like Adam did.


I’m mainly interested in the long cross-country road trips, personally. Although seeing them suffer in the health spa was kind of funny.


Good, the American wasn’t really funny. The show did seem a bit overscripted, we just watched the Maserati episode. And Celebrity Brain Crash was OK.

I liked the buggy trip through Namibia. And the long trips in crappy cars are great.


Finally caught up on my recorded series by binge watching them while cleaning the house a few weeks ago, leaving me with time to start new shows! Also bought a Roku (yes behind the times but still somewhat bewildered by streaming…just can’t figure out how to get all my sports!!). Anyway. Just finished Stranger Things, both seasons. Started American Horror Story and Vikings tonight. Game of Thrones is on my watchlist but since the boys are currently sleeping in bed with me and pretty much cling to their mother at all costs, I will have to wait on that one. :joy:


Watching the new Tick on Amazon Prime. I’m really enjoying it - they’re building up the story very well, and I like they way they’re developing Arthur as a reluctant hero. And the guy playing The Tick is great (although Patrick Warburton is still my fave). He voiced The Tick in the animated series.



1994 Animated was Townsend Coleman
First Live Action was Patrick Warburton
New Live Action is Peter Serafinowitcz, the housemate from Shaun of the Dead.

We’re watching some series my wife found called The Durrells about a 1930s UK family that moves to a Greek island for various reasons.


D’oh! Chalk it up to a senior’s moment. Townsend Coleman, who was the original Tick, is playing Midnight (the talking dog) in the latest Tick. I knew there was a connection.

On a related note, having just looked at IMDB, I didn’t realise Peter Serafinowitcz was Denarian Saal in GotG.


Yeah, I heard him on the Nerdist podcast recently and he’s done a ton of stuff.