What television show are you watching?


I catch Adam Ruins Everything occasionally on truTV. It’s the TV version of what he originally had on the CollegeHumor website. Sometimes the show debunks ideas and other times it points out that they’re different than we think.

The format is this: A person is shown doing an activity and makes a statement about it. Adam can’t help himself but point out what’s wrong or different about that statement, and then goes into the facts behind it. The source will be listed in the corner of the screen.

This repeats a few times until the person is about to give up on whatever it was that they were so sure of, and then Adam goes into his “wait, there’s hope!” speech to explain what can be done better.

It’s a mix of things you knew, things you didn’t know, and things you could have known if you thought about them for a little bit. For example, outlet stores/factory stores are a way for a manufacturer to sell products in a store without going through another retailer like Sears. Prices are lower because of it, but they are also presented as being lower because they’re not of high enough quality to be sold through regular channels so you’re getting a better deal.

The episode pointed out that manufacturers deliberately make two lines of their products so that one can be sold at the outlet store. If it really was a case that the quality was lower and couldn’t be sold in the regular stores, then why are they continually so bad at making things that they always have enough to keep the outlet store full?

Another is that MSG has been falsely branded as being evil, mostly in Chinese restaurants, because one person wrote they had a bad reaction to some food and and guessing that it could have been from MSG. This has now been disproven by other studies that show the symptoms described have no connection to it.


The Halloween candy one is my favorite.

There are a couple where his liberal bias is showing, but not so bad that I can’t watch it.


The wife and I binged the entire second season of Stranger Things over the weekend. So good!


I saw an ad for that. Very much WTF, but piqued my curiosity. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it when my queue thins out a bit.


The first season was very good. We’re enjoying the second season so far, but it’s a bit of a shift as a lot of the mythology has been set up by the first. Not as extreme, perhaps, but think of it as the Alien to Aliens switch where the monster isn’t quite as mysterious, so now you have to change the setup a bit to make it work a bit better.


I just notice that someone recommended it last year. I finally got around to looking it up only to discover that it is a Netflix original. Sooo, I guess I won’t be watching it anytime soon… I don’t have Netflix.


Well there’s your problem.

I’m kind of wondering if I can float dropping HBO when GoT ends next year to save a few $. Netflix has value of a sorts, and $Wife keeps finding tons of period dramas to watch, so I’m not touching that. HBO has occasional good movies, but mostly Game of Thrones and Ballers are the reason we watch. John Oliver is good, too.


I started on season 1 of Stranger Things on a flight a couple weeks ago and haven’t been back to finish it yet. Torn between watching it alone and waiting for dakwife to want to watch it together.


It’s a rare show that me and $Wife are both pretty much 100% on… Compared to a lot of shows where one of us is 100%, the other 50%. Sometimes we watch those for the togetherness and it’s no big deal if (for example) I’m playing Planescape: Torment on my iPad.

We’ve said we actually miss part of a sucky period a few years ago when our basement was unusable after a water problem: I worked on some side-work web design and such in the evenings from our dining room table but was adjacent to the living room. If we move, we’re considering setting it up so we have some sort of ‘project area’ adjacent so I can (for example) work on a website, paint minis, or my other projects while $Wife watches period dramas. Or vice versa, replacing ‘period dramas’ with ‘Doctor Who or whatever.’

In all fairness, Doctor Who is often nearly a period drama, but with spaceships.


What isn’t better ‘with spaceships’?


I’m just watching “Designated Survivor” and it’s not bad, but I have an issue with it*.

I have it on good authority that Kiefer Sutherland can achieve more in 1 day than most people can in a month. Why is everything taking so long?

* Well, more than one, but this is my big one


We started watching ‘Man Down’. British show with Greg Davies and the hilarious Rik Mayall as his dad. Sadly, Rik passed away recently and they had to … I don’t want to say replace him since you can’t replace a man like that. But they brought in Tony Robinson so I’m still happy. Either way, it’s making us laugh.


It’s amazing how healthy together but doing separate things can actually be. You are both doing something you like, but within conversational distance, or aura distance, or whatever.


I wish my wife knew how to do that. If I’m in her line of sight she has to interact with me.


Me too! Your wife is a pain sometimes.


She’s never even been to Canada. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Rizak, you owe me one monitor cleaning.


Big Hero 6: The Series started tonight on Disney XD with a one-hour episode called “Baymax Returns”. Several of the cast members from the movie are back, and it was developed by Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley, who came back to Disney after nearly a decade at Nickelodeon.

The premiere was tied directly into the ending of the movie, slotted in between, and re-telling, the scenes where Hiro discovers the programming chip stuck in Baymax’s rocket fist, the point where Baymax wakes up again, and the “hero pose” of the team at the end.

It’s got potential.


Ooo… Nice. It may fill the hole left since the latest TMNT is now over.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back!

And hoo boy is it out there.