What television show are you watching?


I cannot recommend this enough. And it’s related books, I have the original book and one of the others.

And yeah, I heard the same thing about that show, they were creating drama and the hosts threatened to walk off on like the second episode.


I still use that book from back when you first recommended it. I like having the dough sitting in the 'fridge for when I want fresh bread.

I don’t eat much bread, so it’s a waste for me to buy a whole loaf because it goes bad before I eat it all. This way I can make small loaves and have fresh bread and not waste any of it.


Voltron: Legendary Defender on Netflix, except that my kids keep watching it ahead of me so I’m missing pieces.


Man in the High Castle

IMDB says there is a Season 3 scheduled for release in 2017, so I remain hopeful!


The History Channel had a series a while back called “The Men Who Built America” that showed how Rockefeller, Edison and a couple others really did build the country. Yesterday was the last of the three parts for “The Cars That Changed America”. Really interesting.

For example, I didn’t know that Henry Ford was determined to never change the Model T and hired a street fighter to keep his workers in line by fear. But for as much as the Model T should never change, it did. First, Ford developed assembly line manufacturing to make cars more consistent in quality at a faster pace.

And then when the Roaring 20’s came around and “Flappers” emerged on the scene, cars were viewed as the ruination of society (sound familiar?), so he ordered the back seat of the Model T moved forward to make it harder to engage in hanky panky there. The same basic design was sold for almost two decades. Meanwhile, he never lost a chance to keep putting his son down because he thought it would toughen Edsel up. It was only after Edsel died that Henry even realized he might have been doing something wrong. He still couldn’t accept that it didn’t work.

There was a lot about how developments in making cars do better in races led to the motto of “If it wins on Sunday, it sells on Monday”. There’s probably going to be a boost in car sales because of this show.


I only caught about an hour of one part. It is going on my mental watchlist… going to keep an eye out for it in the listings. I’m assuming/hopeful that, since the first run has aired, they’ll start rerunning it a lot.


Yeah. Henry Ford is definitely an interesting figure.Did lots of good things, but also lots of horrible things.

Lots of manufacturers would love to make the same thing forever. Kind of amazing to have that idea with cars when they were such a new idea. It’d be like if Apple still sold original iPhones.

I was out at Deep Creek, Maryland for a wedding years ago and there’s a neat history spot where (IIRC) Edison, Ford, and Roosevelt camped as part of what basically created car-camping as a recreational thing.

If you’re interested in Ford or just weird history, I recommend reading “Fordlandia” which is a history of his efforts to build a rubber plantation in pre-WWII South America. It’s an interesting view of colonialization by an industrial giant, and an amazing failure. From memory, they didn’t know how rubber trees worked, tried to make locals ‘acclimate’ to Ford’s standard work schedule, tried to build a town based around architecture intended for the American midwest, and lots of other little mistakes. Good read.


The Orville is off to a good start. Naturally, there’s going to be comparisons to Star Trek, so to add one of my own, it’s what Star Trek might be if it didn’t take itself too seriously. For example, what happens when the captain is forced into having his ex-wife be his XO and they get into an argument in his office. His office is completely soundproofed from the rest of the bridge, right? Nuh-uh.

I did have one of those “fridge logic” moments during the part where a scientist is describing how hearty they’d been able to make redwood trees so that they’d grow anywhere under very harsh conditions. Would you really risk eating redwood seeds as a snack?

Fox is doing a repeat of the pilot this Sunday at 8, then it will switch to its 9 p.m. Thursday time slot after that. Neat thing is that they’re using physical models for the ship whenever there’s possible and it’s got Jon Favreau as director.


"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no"

I also had a WTF reaction to eating the seeds.


Small correction: the second Sunday episode of The Orville was a new episode. I missed the Thursday episode.

Here’s an upcoming show I plan on watching: New Warriors. It will be on Freeform sometime next year and it’s a comedy version of Marvel’s superhero group by the same name. The cast member for Squirrel Girl is Milana Vayntrub, whom you’ve seen in the AT&T commercials since 2013 as “Lily Adams”.


I might miss it, so let us know when it starts.


The second season of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is just as weird as the first. The two episodes so far have added John Hannah (Jonathan Carnahan from the three Mummy movies) to the cast as The Mage and Alan Tudyk as Mr. Priest, the one you call when it’s gone very wrong and you don’t care how he fixes it. If we see any kind of reference to Firefly or dinosaurs, I will be very happy. There were two direct references to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy tonight.


Ahh, I got a couple reminders on my phone, but haven’t watched the new ones yet. I watched season one on Hulu last month. That show was one of the reasons I signed up for Hulu.


I have to figure out how I’ll watch it, I haven’t caught the first season yet.


Yeah, it’s another series I need to watch. Is it on Amazon or Netflix yet?


Hulu was the only place I saw it, other than a few episodes on the BBC America app - they piss me off, because they will have a few episodes up for a little while, then they just disappear. Sooo, I resurrected my ancient Hulu login and signed up for the free trial. I had planned to cancel it, even put a reminder on my calendar, but last week was very busy for me, and the Hulu renewed & billed yesterday. That’s OK, I was also watching several other things on it… started watching The Last Ship. Pretty good. I’m into the second season, but enjoyed the first half of the first season more, before the whole Baltimore politics crap happened.


We’ve considered moving back to Hulu, but probably only when we feel we’re burned out on Neflix and/or HBO, which will probably be when GoT ends (for HBO) assuming we don’t get hooked on anything else.

Netflix does the ‘binge watch release’ thing, but they’ve gotten clever and space it out, which means we can’t even do 6 months on/6 months off.


I get every gorram thing through Kodi. No waiting, no interruptions, a tiny bit of work.

I’m not so sure I like DG anymore. It’s really gone a bit too wonky.

I don’t know how they get away with all of the television/movie/comic references that they do on The Flash. I mean, they were riffing on Marvel comics at one point!


We’re late to the party here, but we’ve enjoyed the HBO series Treme which we, admittedly, tried in part because of our recent New Orleans trip.

It did, at least, inform us that it’s pronounced more like "trem-ay than “treem” which would have made it even more obvious we were tourists.

Treme’s got some of the people behind The Wire and has similar dialog at times, but less accents (Or, amazingly, I handled the NO accent better than Baltimore) and less of an overarching plot. One thought I had is that Treme’s big plot comes before the series, in the form of Hurricane Katrina (which it is set after) compared to The Wire, in which the plot winds through it.

To put it another way, it’s kind of like The Wire without all that police investigative stuff. Just a lot of people’s lives. There is a “police investigation” theme, focusing heavily on corruption and various hurricane-related weirdness, especially in seasons 3 and 4. However, it is mostly about a mix of lives.

(One actor carried over from The Wire is Wendell Pierce. he’s the homicide detective who says “fuck” a lot. Here, he is a trombone player who uses all sorts of profanity but eventually becomes a school teacher.)

It’s relatively ‘positive’ and we’ve enjoyed it. Pretty diverse cast.


Neo Yokio on Netflix…I still can’t tell if I like it.