What television show are you watching?

Looks amusing, but I don’t have Netflix.

I was disappointed when Terra Nova didn’t make it. Much like Firefly, it wasn’t given a chance. It reminds me of the beginning of that one Bon Jovi song… “Uh uh UH! You mean that’s it?!?”
But I would rewatch it.

I have been watching Vagrant Queen on SyFy. I’d catch it at the broadcast time of 10pm on Fridays, but then it got moved to 11pm on Thursdays, so I’m catching it via on demand. Probably should set the DVR.

So, we’ve got Elida, a queen that’s rejected the throne because of some bad experiences and she’s scavving (scavenging) to make her way in the galaxy. Royal coups will do that to you. Then there’s Isaac Stelling, a human from Earth whose ship got blasted through a wormhole and he’s doing what he can to survive and get back home. A con man with a heart of gold, or is he? Amae decides to tag along as mechanic and sometimes counselor, with much the same genuine sweetness as Kaylee from Firefly. And like Kaylee in the movie Serenity, Amae’s developing some toughness.

Hunting the trio is Commander Lazaro who has been after Elida for 15 years. A seemingly goofy and ineffectual military officer who is getting more dangerous and unhinged as time goes on.

It’s based on the comic from Vault Comics and uses some striking, vibrant almost-neon colors in some places. For example, when the name of a planet and its location are shown on screen, the letters cycle through different colors, just enough to catch your eye.

As to exactly where each one is? Well, a movie like Guardians of the Galaxy gives you the exact galactic coordinates, not that it’s very helpful to the viewer except in an “ooh, neat tidbit” kind of way. Nope, we’re given a more practical description a la The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (the electronic book, rather than the first Douglas Adams novel, radio plays, TV show, text adventure and movie). In most cases, the location is given as “Another galaxy.” followed by “Not yours.” When there’s a flashback to Isaac’s past, the location is identified as “Jupiter. You know the one.”

There’s a good mix of humor and action, and occasional use of “bullet time” sequences where the camera moves about the frozen image. Ever been in a karaoke competition for your very survival to avoid ending up as the main course for dinner? These guys have.

I’m still waiting for the traditional technobabble about how everyone in a different galaxy all speaks English with slang and expressions they didn’t pick up from Isaac, but I got a feeling they’re not even going to handwave this. MST3K, anyone? “If you’re wondering how he eats and breathes and other science facts, just repeat to yourself, 'It’s just a show, I should really just relax”, and watch Vagrant Queen on SyFy Channel."

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Thanks, @RRabbit42. Added it to the list. It does scare me a bit, though, that they have release dates for 9 of the 10 episodes and the 10th is the season ender (obvs) as well as the second of a 2-parter.

There is that possibility. Enjoy it while it’s available.

We started watching Prop Culture on Disney+ this weekend. It’s a collector of movie props who digs into one movie and has the goal of reuniting props with people from the movies. So far:

  • For Mary Poppins they meet with one of the dancers/choreographers and show her a chimney broom prop taken from the archives. As well as costume designers with various bits, and going to see the title character’s carpet bag which has a neat story behind it.
  • A Tron episode which features the ‘FLYNN’S’ arcade sign neon restored. Also, these 40 year old props are not aging well generally they were basically sporting equipment, foam, and electrical tape. Bruce Boxleitner sees, but does not attempt to fit into, his old outfit. The writer-director is a woodworking hermit, but has a yurt full of all the merchandise he could acquire.
  • An episode on Honey I Shrunk The Kids focuses on restoring the original ‘laser’ prop, which had been altered for the sequels. They also got the original actors for the kids together: I don’t think any of them are active in acting any more. They get to see all that was left of a giant ant prop.
  • An episode on The Nightmare Before Christmas seems to focus on how everyone involved was given or stole props. Maintaining movie-used stop-motion puppets is tough as some materials tend to turn liquid if not stored properly.

I think we’ve got a few more to watch when time permits. I’m hoping the Roger Rabbit episode they show in the intro is good.

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Watched the first episode of Vagrant Queen and had to stop. The effects are not terrible, but the acting sure is. My opinion.

We watched the first two, because I wanted to see the Tron one. I was surprising moved by both episodes.

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The host is very involved and I assume he’s known in prop-collecting circles. He does seem to love when there’s something discovered that was presumed lost.

I forgot to mention that background music is used for humor in Vagrant Queen. It will come to a sudden stop at certain points, without the cliche screeching brakes effect, and start back up. And there’s points where it’s obvious that the non-humanoid alien is a guy in a suit and they’re doing what they can with camera moves and effects to distract you from it. It’s not “so bad it’s good” but it makes it goofy and fun.

Because one of the characters is from Earth, there’s a few pop culture references, including the episode titles. Episode 8 had it in spades and the cast had to have had fun making it. First off, they’re planning a very serious job and decide they need to drink while doing so. They’re good and drunk when the intergalactic meter maids show up. Sorry. Parking enforcement officers.

Without giving away anything further, I was watching it and I thought, “Is that what I think it is?” Then a song starts playing. “Wait. I recognize that song.” And another, and another, and then I started trying to see how many references they were going to pack into the episode. I really want to give a hint, but I won’t.

We binged “The Great” over the last week or so. It’s a funny very loosely historical take on Catherine the Great’s rise to power. If there’s a second season she’ll be Empress.

It freely admits it’s heavily fictionalized, but it seems aware that it’s essentially a satirical take on the ‘period drama’ at some level, with a bit of added sex, modern values, and similar.

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We’re re-watching Castle on Prime. I’m finding I can guess the plot about half way through the episode, but I’m not sure if that’s because I’m subconsciously remembering the episode or because that’s just how my mind works. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed the show (until the last season) the first time around.

I feel like I’d be the same way (guessing the plot about halfway through the episode) if I re-watched House. Still some good episodes, and it’d be great for ‘background noise’ while doing other things.

I’m slightly burned out on my wife’s “comfort TV” of sitcoms, but she may feel the same about my choices and we both have other rooms of the house to go to if we’re tired for the other’s stuff.

It definitely isn’t lupus.


We watched the Mary Poppins one. It was pretty cool. Haven’t gotten into any of the others yet but Mrs. Force10 says she has no interest in the Tron one. Good thing I have the Disney+ app loaded on my Xbox.

My wife’s never seen Tron, but she enjoyed the episode. We both enjoy how excited some of the actors and filmmakers get excited about their old stuff. I want to say it’s one of the ‘newer’ ones but it really isn’t as Tron is eyeballing 40. Which makes me feel old.

The Chronicles of Narnia was meh (but the actors loved seeing their old gear) while the Who Framed Roger Rabbit? episode was great. Christopher Lloyd is awesome.

Grounds for divorce?

No. Other than that she’s pretty awesome.


You two have had a lot of upheaval over the last couple of years so I guess the “mostly awesome” could balance out the Tron thing :laughing:


Having met Mrs. F10, I have to agree.

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I do not normally watch Restaurant Impossible because I find it to be a bit stressful and frustrating. I know that some of Robert’s “tough love” is played up by editing and his compressed schedule for turning the restaurants around, but it’s almost too much.

That said…

I caught last night’s episode as it started at Midnight and couldn’t look away. This season he’s going back to restaurants he’s helped out to see how they’re doing and in this case, the owner had been in a motorcycle crash, nearly died, and the business needed some help getting through it. I’m sure that there was a lot of advance planning done for the fundraiser they put together - there’s no way it was done start to finish in the 36 hours shown on TV. But it was still pretty awesome watching him pull together a bunch of the other chefs that he’s helped in the past plus his crew and raise a crapload of money to help her out with medical bills and keeping the restaurant afloat.