What television show are you watching?

Lost in Space.
Not terrible, but the acting isn’t great. It fills a hole. I love the sets and equipment that they’ve designed and built.

Not quite right for the thread, but I finally started reading the novels the show The Expanse is based on… And I’m undecided as to if I should watch the series or wait until I’m caught up. I’m liking the ‘dirty space’ aspects of it: It’s pretty hard sci-fi (so far?).

He puts in a Mozart CD that changes around the time he hits the M25 during his 15th century rant.

The Big Blue Bug of Justice does not let a mis-typed name stop him. Spoon!

No! You take that name and smack it on the nose with the rolled up newspaper of knowledge!

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I mean, the character interactions are still cute as hell and I love the chief, but holy heckfire!

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It’s weird seeing Eleven with hair. She blends with a group now.

So many feels at the end of Stranger Things. Yes, we binged the whole thing yesterday.

Just finishing up the last episode this afternoon. Like, I cry at everything but who cries at Stranger Things? Oh, me. :roll_eyes:

Less than I want to, because DirecTV is in a squabble with the owners of the local ABC & CBS affiliates. We only get NBC (out of the Big Three) right now.

I’m seriously thinking about umping ship to YoutubeTV when this contract is up in January. That plus Netflix & maybe Hulu & Disney Plus should get us more than we need and be cheaper.

We finished Stranger Things a couple nights ago. Good ending, with he biggest “Sequel hook” they’ve done, I think.

Also, Steve deserves a ‘most improved’ award. Remember how everyone hated him for being a bad boyfriend in Season 1? Now he’s actually a nice guy, surprisingly humble, and deals with lots of stuff surprisingly well. He’s actually grown.

We’re also watching Patriot which has gotten interesting, as well as Deadwood (because I wanted to watch the movie).

Patriot is a very dark comedy about spies. Specifically, the main character tells people he’s a spy when he sings folk music and relies on no one believing anyone would do that. He and his ‘handlers’ (His father and brother, mostly) are also arguably incompetent. This isn’t anywhere near James Bond or even Archer, but they persevere because they think they’re right, and maybe are.

Deadwood is nearly old enough to vote, so if you care about it go for it. $Wife was expecting it to be darker based off the way I described it, but that was pre-Game of Thrones and similar so perhaps it doesn’t seem quite so dark now.

We’re enjoying both.

As to @dakboy talking about services: I feel like every service is “on the bubble” for us. We still pay for TiVo but I’m close to dropping that as we nearly ever watch recorded material any more.We have 3 other pay services, and if it was slightly easier to watch the shows I like and feel like I’m doing the morally right thing, I’d drop them in favor of other services. HBO is basically “John Oliver and the occasional movie” although $Wife likes Gentleman Jack (which is between seasons). Hulu is… Goldbergs? We actually got it for Handmaid’s Tale (which turned out to be too bleak for us) and Lucifer (which jumped to Netflix) but it might be the ‘gap’ if I drop the TiVo.

Of the upcoming services Disney is the lead for me. I can get caught up on Marvel movies.

Oh, my “personal” TV show is The Expanse which I just started after reading the first three books. It’s pretty good, and different from the books.

I see a future of me picking up and dropping services as they have things I want to see.

We ended up watching From the Earth to the Moon which is an HBO series from 1998 that has been remastered for a current release. A few scenes are perhaps a bit cheesy (the acting is usually good, but sometimes it’s a notch above true crime show reenactments) but it’s very compelling and worth watching.


I think I have that on disc. Good stuff.

It’s the Tom Hanks hosted one. Which is a little weird as so much of the intro to every episode is him speaking over a slow pan over a statue or frieze, then you see him and go “OMFG he’s so much younger than he looks now.”

At least, we do that every episode.

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I first saw that in Afghanistan. Someone had left the set on one of the bookshelves where people just take and leave books. The only reason I didn’t steal it was because I wanted it in widescreen. I really enjoyed it.

The current HBO streaming version is pretty good: I think it’s been upgraded somehow. I feel the episodes got better as they went on overall.

I think it might be a great show for kids of the right age. Not sure what that is, I admit: but it’s aspirational and education, with no real violence or sex. (There’s the Apollo 1 fire and some relationship stuff.)

We just watched the Amazon show The Boys, with Karl Urban. It was different. It was good. Not sure I liked it completely, but we’ll watch again if it gets a second season. It’s a superhero show where a small group rebels against the deprivations of a superhero group.

Moone Boy is a strange little comedy show. Irish kid who’s imaginary friend is comedic actor Chris Dowd (IT Crowd & others) who mainly shows up for occasional advice and to act as a narrator… Then you see him playing pool with other imaginary friends.

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