What television show are you watching?

I don’t think it is included on Amazon Prime :disappointed:

I think I saw it on Netflix.

Well, if the parent doesn’t mind subjects like alcoholism, mutilation, substance abuse, mental health issues, casual sex, child abuse, and cursing (both kinds) …

Yeah, I don’t mind watching a show with some of that as a teaching moment, but that’s a bit much to dump at once on a 9 year old.

I finished rewatching Leverage a couple weeks ago. I :heart: that show with many :heart:s.

No time to watch anything else, but I’ve actually been reading whole books of fiction, which is just as good. :slight_smile:


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It is too quiet here today, so I’m posting…

I finished Voyager a week or so ago, so I started DS9. It was never my favorite, and I considered rewatching Enterprise, but I know there are a bunch of DS9episodes I never caught the first time, nor in reruns, sooo, what the heck. I discovered that the first two episodes are among the ones I hadn’t seen.

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Just started in on Elementary to see how it it’s different than BBC’s Sherlock. It’s more of a “police procedural” show, rather than directly adapting the Coyle stories, so that’s why it’s in its fifth season with over 110 episodes.

Big differences:

  • Holmes is a recovering drug addict, rather than a current drug user. Seems really quick his accusations about who committed a crime, but he’s also a bit more sensitive towards others’ feelings.
  • Watson is Joan Watson, a live-in sober companion for Holmes, played by Lucy Liu.
  • We don’t have a Lestrade, but instead get a character named Thomas Gregson based on Inspector Tobias Gregson from some of the stories.

At some point, Jamie Moriarty shows up, but I’ve only seen four episodes yet so that’s sometime in the future. And presumably there’s some explanation into Holmes’ tattoos at some point.

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There’s all kinds of tidbit explanations thrown in in one place or another. It’s definitely a “don’t blink or you’ll miss it” kind of show, sometimes.

Also, I don’t mind that they use Lucy Liu as a clothes horse for the major New York designers. She excels in that role.

A show I’ll be watching shortly since I just picked up the complete series at Walmart: The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams. Time for a bit of nostalgia and gentler storytelling than what we get today.


I started watching Galavant, and am in the middle of season 2. It’s ADORABLE. Highly recommended, especially if you love satirical parodies of musicals. And Timothy Omundson.

We started watching Galavant, and decided after the first episode that the low brow humor wasn’t concealed well enough for a 9 year old to watch. We’re supposed to be watching it after she goes to be, but that’s not working out.


I loved that show when I was a kid.

For the Whovians, the season premiere is on April 17th. Peter Capaldi announced back in February it’s going to be his last season, and this is also the last season with Steven Moffat as the showrunner.

If anyone’s interested in watching the premiere in a movie theater, Fathom Events will be showing it on the 17th and repeating it on the 19th. Both are for two hours and will include:

  • The Doctor Who season premiere.
  • The premiere of Class, the spin-off eight-part series that takes place in Coal Hill School that’s been in DW for a long time, but was recently the setting for many episodes since Clara was a teacher there.
  • “Becoming The Companion", the featurette where Pearl Mackie talks about getting the role and it includes interviews with Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat. Ingrid Oliver (Osgood) narrates it.

Though I like Capaldi’s Doctor, there’s precident for him leaving along with Moffat. David Tennant did the same thing when Russel T. Davies stepped down so there would be a clean break with the change in showrunners.

Ohhhh, so tempting. Cheapest ticket around here is $15

EDIT: Ok, so that sent me down a rabbit hole to an epic web wandering session.

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As a bonus, the 17th is Red Nose Day in the US. Saw it on a Walgreen’s readerboard a couple of days ago. It’s a part of Comic Relief and is a lot more prominent in the UK.

I’ve been watching the Netflix resurrection of MST3K, and I have not been disappointed. :slight_smile: There’s something for everyone, including fans of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. :slight_smile:


We just started watching Legion and are finding it a great thriller with a lot of strange twists.

I loved the Kaiju of the World song from the 1st episode.

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