What Song Are You Listening to Right Now? v. 3.0


That literal video is hilarious. And kind of creepy.

I’m rather fond of this version though.


If you’ve never seen the Hurra Torpedo version you are sorely missing out.


Song: End of the Line
Artist: The Traveling Wilburys (Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, and Tom Petty)
Album: The Traveling Wilburys


Not today, but over the weekend I was pointed at this…

“Christmas Single” by The Ouse Valley Singles Club. Not my taste in music at all, but the lyrics are a scream - most unsuitable for children or people of a puritanical bent.


Song: Honey, I’m Good
Artist: Home Free
Album: Country Evolution

The music video makes it even better.


Alestorm are coming to Toronto in September! I know what I’ll be listening to all day today!


Take Me Home has been playing in my head at random for the last week +.
Thanks for nothin’, Fallout76 teaser trailer.


Same. Even though I’m not going to buy it. I love Fallout but hate multiplayer. Thanks for nothing Bethesda.


Recently discovered She & Him

She is Zooey Deschanel from wacky comedy fame, he is M Ward from CW music.
Their stuff is light, easy to have in the background, and pretty often I find myself humming it later


Dude, these guys live shows are amazing. Like, on par with Sonata Artica.


Song: Ya Rayah
Artist: Rachid Taha
Album: Diwan


Song: We are Motorhead
Artist: Motorhead
Album: Stone Deaf Forever


Song: Guilty
Artist: Redtenbacher’s Funkestra
Album: The Time Thief

This is my walk-on music for my Senate confirmation hearing. I may have spent several hours last weekend with it on repeat, learning the bass line. I bought it on a physical CD just so I could easily blast it in my car on the way to the office, but I found it on Spotify.


That’s some dirty sax, should be a child advisory on there.


Song: Profane Creation
Artist: Bolt Thrower
Album: War Master


Song: Okay
Artist: The Piano Guys
Album: Uncharted


Song: In Hell I’ll be Good Company
Artist: The Dead South
Album: Good Company


Song: Yuve Yuve Yu
Artist: The Hu Band
Album: ?
I think it’s Mongolian rock? I like it, though.


Yeah, definitely sounds like Mongolian throat-singing mixed with light rock.


Song: Kaif
Artist: Ministry
Album: The Dark Side of the Spoon