What Song Are You Listening to Right Now? v. 3.0


The ending credits song from GitS:SAC is pretty good, too.

Er, currently listening to a work conference call.


Song: Heavy
Artist: Killin time band
Album: It’s Okay, That’s Love POP OST


I turn a new Spotify channel on and in the first few seconds I know I made the right choice to keep going this afternoon.

Dearly beloved
we are gathered here today
to get through this thing called life…


Song: The Trooper
Artist: Iron Maiden
Album: The First 10 Years Boxed set


Song: Anchor
Artist: Miura Daichi
Album: Anchor


Song: Diva
Artist: Tarja
Album: The Shadow Self


Song: In the Mood (I know. It’s a piece, not a song)
Artist: Glenn Miller
Album: Rock n Roll & Jukebox Hits


Got that one myself. :slightly_smiling_face:

Too bad the compilation isn’t on iTunes anymore. I think was like $3.99 for 60 songs and there’s some good stuff there.


Song: Steal My Sunshine
Artist: Len
Album: Can’t Stop the Bum Rush


Song: Roll Over Beethoven
Artist: Chuck Berry
Album: Rock ‘n’ Roll & Jukebox Hits

Edit: This seems very appropriate today. I didn’t play it deliberately, it just came up in my play list.


Song: Gilligan’s Island
Artist: Richard Cheese


Song: Too Bad
Artist: MC 900 ft Jesus with DJ Zero
Album: Hell with the lid off


Song: Lullaby
Artist: Polina Gagarina
Album: I don’t know. It’s Russian music on YouTube. Very pretty. :slight_smile:


Song: You Give Love a Bad Name
Artist: Atreyu
Album: The Curse

(Yes, a deathmetal-ish band doing a Bon Jovi cover. It’s… interesting.)


Song: White Lightning
Artist: Glen Campbell
Album: Live


Song: Southern Nights
Artist: Glen Campbell
On many of his own albums, but it’s on the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. soundtrack. The song plays during the defense of a camp site and Rocket hums it while he sets about his work.


Song: Boku no Negai Goto
Artist: Jang Keun Suk
Album: Voyage


Song: Without You
Artist: Aldious
Album: Unlimited Diffusion

(Unashamedly J- that’s a strange mix of J-Pop / J-Rock with elements of J-Metal thrown in for complete confusion.)


Song: Total Eclipse of the Heart
Artist: Bonnie Tyler
Album: Faster Than the Speed of Night

Seemed appropriate for today.


While I was never in love with that song, it was ok, acceptable. But ever since I saw the literal video version, I can’t watch or listen to the original. I think I kind of despise it now, even. How sad.