What Song Are You Listening to Right Now? v. 3.0


Song: Stressed Out
Artist: Twenty One Pilots
Album: Blurryface


Song: Lullaby for a Princess
Artist: ponyphonic

The original song’s really good, but watching the animated version gets me every time.

Wow. I just found the follow-ups: Luna’s reply and the duet that combines the two.


Song: HaruHaru (Japanese version)
Artist: BigBang
Album: The Best of BigBang


The Kids Aren’t Alright"
The Offspring

Feeling all rebellious in here tonight :smiley:


Madman’s Dream"
Assemblage 23

This song is important. It’s the artists reaction to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. It’s chilling.


Song: Ue o Muite Arukou
Artist: Various (lots of famous actors, including Tommy Lee Jones at 2:55 and 5:36)
Album: YouTube

It was a fundraiser for the tsunami, kind of like a Japanese version of We Are the World.


Song: Passion and the Opera
Album: Oceanborn
Artist: Nightwish


Song: Purity
Album: Harmonia
Artist: Orkidea

(Does anyone know where the Japanese vocals come from? They sound stupidly familiar but I can’t place them. The BladeRunner advertising blimp? The Evangelion theme? It’s really annoying me!)


I think they’re from Ghost in the Shell?


Song: yun Xiao Fei Che
Artist: Wang Dawen
Album: Kuai Le Bu Kuai Le


Yep - as soon as I read that I had that “AHA!” moment. Thanks Nabiki.

Song: Treason of Death
Album: Where the Conflict Reaches
Artist: Hellchild

(I seem to be going through a Death Metal phase at the moment. Although you’d never believe it from my past few posts…)


Song: Nolja Let’s Party
Artist: EXP
Album: The 1st mini album

These guys are the first ever non-Korean K-pop band. They sound like a cross between K-pop and Pentatonix to me.


I have no idea what song or artist it is.

But apparently Mamacita next door can’t do the laundry without blasting Mexican polka.


Well sure, who can?


The car wash across the street was an interesting indicator of the neighborhood changing back when I had the house in Indy. It went from old Impalas playing gangster rap to old Impalas playing Mexican polka. Funny enough, from my backyard they both sounded the same.


OMG, why do all the gay guys have to like my posts???


No more likes for you


Song: Hibernation
Artist: Ted Nugent
Album: Double Live Gonzo!


Song: 2/29
Artist: Rookie Card
Album: Near Mint


Song: Tragedy
Artist: KAT-TUN
Album: Tragedy [Limited Edition, Type 1]