What Song Are You Listening to Right Now? v. 3.0


It’s my favorite Christmas song…and it’s playing again right now on Sirius/XM Holly. :smiley:


Why is that a bad thing? (serious question - I really don’t know why that would be considered bad)


It doesn’t bother me, which might eb why I noticed the complaints about it I’ve recently heard from multiple sources.

It does strongly say “pop” to me due tot he way it’s arranged. It feels somewhat fixed in time, and perhaps isn’t old enough to be a true ‘classic’ to people to whom classics should be 60s or older, to set an arbitrary date.

Then again, I think there’s room in the world for a study about how people’s opinions run in tides. One year’s fad is the next year’s Worst Thing Ever.


Am I the only one who hates the endless happy-cheerful-sunshine-out-my-arse songs that get played on near-infinite repeat from October through to Christmas?


Ahem. Jingle Dogs, Grandma Got Run Over, Jingle Cats…

White Christmas and Jingle Bell Rock I can take. The so-cutesy-it-makes-the-Easter-bunny-look-like-a-psychopath stuff I can definitely live without.


My roommate hates Christmas music, I love it. I know plenty of people who don’t like it, so you’re not alone.

Song: The First Noel
Artist: Zhang Liyin
Album: SMtown winter: The Warmest Gift


Greatest Hits

Noticed I hadn’t played it in almost a year, which happens with iTunes and 6000+ songs. Well past due.


I like some of them. I feel annoyed if I don’t hear certain cheesy and/or sarcastic Christmas songs once a season, even if I don’t want to hear them daily.


Song: Trial Spiral
Album: Idolator
Artist: Blood Stain Child


Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)
Sucker Punch Soundtrack
Emily Browning

I’ve been listening to a lot of Synth-Goth-Punk lately.


Song: A Girl Like Emmylou
Artist: Southern Pacific
Album: Greatest Hits


Track 07
Unknown Artist
Unknown Album

Gee, thanks Gracenote for recognising the International release of a Dark The Suns album.


Song: Anywhere
Artist: Lee Hong Gi
Album: AM302


Song: Insensible
Artist: Lee Hong Gi
Album: FM302


Song: Tell me why
Artist: Within Temptation
Album: Hydra


Bound to Illusions"
Faithful Darkness
"In Shadows lies Utopia”

I could listen to this on loop for hours.

Well no that would be silly, but it’s still one of my favourite metal tracks ever.


I’ve never tried, but there are several songs that I’d like to try that with:
a couple from the 70s, like Disco Inferno
Megadeth - Symphony Of Destruction

In college, one of my buddies drove from Brownwood to Houston (and back I believe - easily a 5 hour drive each way) and listened to the cassette single of Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard the whole way. The kicker is that he didn’t have an auto-reversing cassette deck in his truck - he had to continually eject, flip, and reinsert the tape. I’m pretty sure he had other tapes with him, so it wasn’t like that was his only option.


Song: Itsuka Dokokade
Artist: Oda Kazumasa
Album: Jiko Best 2


Honey I’ve been thinking about you

Jackie Greene


Soldier of Love
Donny Osmond

The only reason I have it is it makes me laugh.