What Song Are You Listening to Right Now? v. 3.0


Song: Haru Haru
Artist: BigBang
Album: Remember Vol. 2


Song: Rumour Has It
Artist: Adele
Album: 21


Song: Raining Gold
Artist: ARO

The quiet Osborn child is working on an album. Interesting video, and I kind of like the song, but it feels like a long intro and not a whole song.

And you can hear her dad in her voice at times, which is eerie.


Song: Lost
Artist: Within Temptation
Album: The Unforgiving


Song: Hanabi
Artist: Wagakki Band
Album: Yaso Emaki


Song: The Same Parents
Artist: Enigma
Album: Seven Lives Many Faces


I like that piece, but I hear there were a lot of critics who were dismissive of it. One of them called it “regurgitated new-age pablum”.

Cretu is an amazing talent, and he managed to bring in other amazing talents to make his work even better.


But it’s good regurgitated pablum.


Going off on a tangent for a moment, I have been trying to track down a song I heard part of on the radio a while back. All I can remember of it is it’s a pop song and has something like, “Hey, ho, here we go” and “what’s the dealio?” in it.

It isn’t by Mest, Total, Busta Rhymes, Pink or Missy Elliott. Anyone want to take a shot on this?


Song: Home
Artist: Fisher
Album: 3

heard the song on a video posted by National Mill Dog Rescue, and liked it. Kind of emo/folksy, but it expresses some sentiments I like.


Song: Mezzanine
Artist: Massive Attack
Album: Mezzanine


Song: Chanteur de Jazz
Artist: Michel Sardou
Album: Chanteur de Jazz


Song: Interstellar Overdrive - CBC Version
Artist: Pink Floyd
Album: A Tree Full of Secrets (Disk 1)

(This is an interview of Syd Barrett, Roger Waters and Nick Mason, as broadcast on CBC sometime in the early 1970s.)


Song: Bitter Suite (I. Brief Encounter, II. Lost Weekend, III. Blue Angel)
Artist: Marillion
Album: Misplaced Childhood (Remastered)


Song: Bu Xi Huan Bu Xi Ban
Artist: Wang DaWen
Album: Kuai Le Bu Kuai Le

I only have a few albums in my collection in Mandarin, but I happen to be watching a Taiwanese drama right now, and I love the ending theme, so I ended up buying the album by the artist that has it on there. I’m enjoying the whole album so far.


Song: Ugly
Artist: 2NE1
Album: 2nd Mini Album


All Beauty Destroyed
Aesthetic Perfection
All Beauty Destroyed


Song: Rescue
Artist: KAT-TUN
Album: Break the Records


Song: Wonderful Christmastime
Artist: Paul McCartney


I’m hearing a surprising amount of hatred towards this song recently. Not sure why, but I think it’s just become the face of late 70s/80s Christmas music.