What Song Are You Listening to Right Now? v. 3.0


Song: Error
Artist: VIXX
Album: Error


Song: Home Computer
Artist: Kraftwerk
Album: The Mix


Song: Sake Blues (new version)
Artist: George Kamikawa & Noriko Tadano
Album: East West

CDs sent to me by courtesy of a certain board member in Australia who even got the CDs autographed for me! :smiley:


Yay, @CertainBoardMember!


Song: Where Does Love Go When It Dies?
Artist: Def Leppard
Album: The Ballad Album


Song: S.O.L.O.
Artist: Super Junior M
Album: Skip Beat! Original Soundtrack


Song: Wildfire
Artist: Michael Martin Murphey
Album: Ultimate Collection


Human After All
Daft Punk


Song: Eternal Love
Artist: Michael Learns to Rock
Album: Healer OST


Amish Paradise
Weird Al


Song: No Way Out
Artist: SMAP
Album: We are SMAP!


Song: Dirty Weapons
Artist: Killer Dwarfs
Album: Dirty Weapons


Song: The Imperial March
Artist: Celldweller

I might just have to make it theme music for w*rk…


Song: Cross My Mind
Artist: Twin Forks
Album: It’s Okay, That’s Love POP OST


Mission Statement
Weird Al Yankovic
Mandatory Fun

I love this album name. I often call for mandatory family fun nights with the family.


Breaking format just slightly. Saturday I was out geocaching and got into some poison ivy that I did not get cleaned off in time with alcohol wipes so my arms are a mess. Not as bad as I have seen on others but the worst I have had in YEARS.

Yesterday on a random mix that I was listening to during my workouts, the songs, “Familiar Taste of Poison” (Halestorm), “Poison Ivy” (Faster Pussycat), and “Poison” (Alice Cooper) played within 30 min of each other. Not too shabby since I have several hundred songs set to random of all genres.

I just had to chuckle at that.


Artist: Funker Vogt
Song: City of Darkness

I’m not sure which album that’s from, I have a bunch and they’re on shuffle right now.


Song: Right Now
Artist: Miura Daichi
Album: The Entertainer


Song: Iro wa Uta
Artist: Wagakki Band
Album: Vocaloid Zanmai


Song: End of Time
Artist: Motorhead
Album: Aftershock