What Song Are You Listening to Right Now? v. 3.0


Song: Don’t sell it
Artist: The Cruel Sea
Album: This is not the way home


John Adams
Harmonielehre Part III: Meister Eichhart and Quackie
Civilization IV Soundtrack


Song: Kaguya
Artist: NEWS
Album: Kaguya


Bastion OST on repeat for the last few days.


Song: Camel Walk
Artist: Southern Culture on the Skids

It’s like the B52s mixed with another beat poet, and a redneck, then did some ludes and some X.


Song: Old Witch, Old Witch
Artist: Burl Ives
Album: The Lollipop Tree


Song: KKK Bitch
Album: BodyCount
Artist: BodyCount


Moments in Love (From Battle to Beaten)
And What Have You Done With My Body, God?
Art of Noise

I think this could be the most remixed and remade song ever. I’ve heard at least a couple dozen versions.


Song: Walking on the moon
Album: Reggatta de Blanc
Artist: The Police

(Looking at my posts in this thread / topic, I have some interesting tastes in music…)


And that is what makes the thread interesting!

Song: Into a Dream
Artist: Enomoto Atsuko
Album: His & Her Circumstances Act. 2.0


Song: 9.50
Artist: Divinyls
Album: Make You Happy (1981 - 93)


I have no idea what it is… yet.


I liked that! When you find out, let me know.

You might like Wagakki Band too…


Seriously cool! Appears to be a rock / Mongolian folk cross over, to me.

Whatever it was, the judges loved it.


Song: Barbarian
Artist: INXS
Album: Underneath the Colours


Song: Angel (Japanese version)
Artist: Se7en
Album: Somebody Else


Song: Without Air (After)
Artist: Octavia Sperati
Album: Winter Enclosure


Song: Whiskey in the Jar
Artist: Mahones
Album: irish Punk Collection

Saw them live w/Blood or Whiskey opening for the Dropkick Murphys last Friday.


Song: Got my Mojo Working
Artist: George Kamikawa & Noriko Tadano
Album: ???

I cannot suggest strongly enough that you check this duo out. I saw them live on the weekend and they are just awesome. They’re a cross-culture (Japanese-Australian) Blues duo, with Noriko playing the traditional Shamisen in a most non-traditional way.

The next time I see them busking I’ll buy a CD or two.


I like them. She’s playing an electric samisen!

Edit: @Viking - You might like Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi.