What Song Are You Listening to Right Now? v. 3.0


Song: Petit Papa Noel
Artist: Josh Groban
Album: Noel


Song: Last Christmas
Artist: SHINee
Album: 2011 SMtown Winter


Song: Calling Elvis
Artist: Dire Straits
Album: Sultans of Swing - The Very Best of Dire Straits


Song: Back to You
Artist: B2ST


Song: Himawari
Artist: Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi
Album: Best ~Kaze~

This is my favourite song by Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi.


Song: Alternative Ulster
Artist: Stiff Little Fingers
Album: 100 Hits - Punk and New Wave (2011)

And I will note that it’s nice to see Blondie active again.


Song: Pocket Calculator
Artist: Kraftwerk
Album: The Mix


Song: Tell That Girl To Shut Up
Artist: Holly and the Italians


Song: What nationality is Les Murray?
Artist: TISM
Album: Machiavelli and the Four Seasons


Song: Shut Up!!
Artist: U-KISS
Album: A Shared Dream


Taylor Swift, Shake it Off. There’s an odd story about that.


I am very familiar with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Both are entertaining music, and both have very well produced videos. Both also have backgrounds in “real” music before turning to pop.

And I use them both as anti Miley Cyrus spray. I would much rather my daughter grow up as a mash up of Taylor, Katy, and Pink (my wife’s influence), than anything approaching Billy Ray’s kid. She’s a train wreck.

And the 17 year old is hitting Lana Del Ray hard lately, which I find kind of nice.


Song: Not Over You
Artist: NU’EST
Album: Action


Secret Agent Man
Duty Now For The Future


Song: Hysteria
Artist: Def Leppard
Album: Best Of


Song: Dugeun Duguen
Artist: Sunny Hill
Album: The Greatest Love OST


Song: Groove (Trap Mix)
Artist: Oiki


Song: Chung Kuo
Artist: Vangelis
Album: Themes


Song: 2/29
Artist: Rookie Card
Album: Near Mint


Song: Usagi no Shippo
Artist: AquaTimez
Album: Because You Are You