What Made You Happy Today?

While refilling the bird feeders after letting them sit empty for about 2-3 months, I hear a bird calling out every so often. I look up and it’s about 10 feet above me. I think it was sending a “the food is back!” signal.

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This applies for last Friday, but I passed my Security+ exam. This is the first exam I’ve taken since my A+ back in 2005 that I didn’t study a long time for and it made me happy to know I can still study properly if needed.

In comparison, my CCNA I didn’t study too much for because I’ve been encountering it since junior year of high school. I must have a total of 2 full years of studying for the CCNA, versus the two months I spent studying for the Sec+.


Did they do the thing with Sec+ like they did with A+ some years ago where you have to recertify every year?

Yeah, the Sec+ requires recertifying every three years now. You can either take the exam again or do something that counts towards “relevant coursework” towards recertification. Working an actual infosec/cybersec job counts too.

Would “making lots of firewall changes” as part of my job count?

I’m wondering if I should try to do security+ myself. My A+ is the ancient grandfathered-in never-expires though, so I’ve got that going for me.

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If your supervisor can write that in a signed letter, yeah, it counts. It will only provide 9 units out of a total 50 needed for recertification, though. That’s a tiny amount so it might not even be worth it. Taking an infosec/cybersec related training course gives you more units, up to 50.

In a divisional meeting yesterday, one of the very highest of muckety-mucks (^MM) said that it is important that all team members meet in person at least once/year.
My boss said that he thinks he can swing it so I can get a plane ticket each way and a place to stay, just so he can see my pretty face. I guess he really needs an excuse to go to a strip club, and is willing to put it on the company tab.

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Watching idiocy turn around and bite someone right on the ass.
A 3-level-up manager decided to take away all of our toys a couple of months ago. These were software tools that we used every day to simplify our tasks. They were paid for by the department. Dingus decided that because they weren’t on the new list of approved softwarez that they had to go. He simply asked the VDI team to remove any of the offending programs from all instances of virtual desktops as a daily task.
My boss was in a meeting recently and someone asked if we could do a quick run of a standard task for them and was a bit surprised when he was told how long it would take. You see, to keep the regular timetable, we pushed back the process so the client wouldn’t see any interruption. When it was explained WHY it would take so long, well things got very heated in the room. The client then went to boss^3 and asked for verification.
We just got an email from someone further down the line asking what software we would need to make our jobs easier.
No apologies, no accountability. Fuck you, buddy.
We’re getting ALL the toys, now.


There’s good managers you’ll bend over backwards for.

Then there’s manglers.

Phoebe and Her Unicorn did a tribute to Charles M Schultz today

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We put up our tree last night (which inspired the filk I just posted).
I put up the lights last week.

This is the earliest we’ve done either for holiday.

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