What Made You Happy Today?

Not so much happy, but this made me laugh.

This is a story from 2019, but I’ve only just seen it, so it qualifies as new for me.

Basically, a religious fundamentalist built an ark to prove the bible story, but it did the exact opposite.
The story is about the proprietors suing their insurance because they wouldn’t pay out for the ark being damaged.
By a flood.

Actual Ark wasn’t damaged. Landslide destroyed road. And I don’t know if I would call them Fundies, that’s generally a disparaging term used for over the top and potentially dangerous religious folks. Not people who build a museum about the Ark. Not like they were forcing people into it and converting them or anything.

Still kind of funny, just crappy article writing.

Why let the truth get in the way of a good story?

Sums up modern news media pretty well.

Taking apart an old computer, I found this appropriately labelled molex connector. I won’t say what this computer was used for.

Day 5 of being home with COVID, which hasn’t been terrible except that after spending a week away from home (in Europe, catching COVID), I am now avoiding my family for another week+. I like my family. It’s annoying.

But if ever there was a time to binge Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, it is now. I only installed this a few weeks ago. I’d never played the vast majority of the DLCs, so in addition to getting to replay some of my favorite moments in CRPG history, I’m also getting new stories and characters and dialogue that I am really enjoying, and that add a great deal to the universe.


Got a proof-of-concept PRTG site monitor up and running.


Bossman is impressed.

Now we want to use this POC to justify a dedicated PRTG PC on site whice we can use to point the desktop PRTG viewer to and monitor realtime for any outages or events which require immediate attention and action.

And it even have audible alarms too. Good to have.

Email alerts just does not cut it anymore.


PRTG works with a dual-monitor setup, and you can monitor two sites at once, each site can be displayed on a separate monitor.

That this girl is tough as nails and not only escaped by helped police catch a murderer.

Chewed through her restraints, breaking her braces, and escaped and led police to the house she was in where there were two bodies. All this while having been “assaulted on the head” and force fed alcohol to keep her compliant.

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Mass Effect LE is great

Unless you can go back in time and stop from them from buying WotC there’s a lot you can do. :slight_smile:

Last work day before I go on two weeks’ vacation. I’ll still be at my dad’s for a lot of it, looking after him, but at least I don’t have to try and balance work and care. And Mr. TM and I are heading down to Niagara Falls on Monday for a five-day actual holiday to celebrate our anniversary (29th) and my birthday (29th + some unspecified amount!).

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A quartet of videos of Mark Hamill and Jack in the box:

Jack Box wants Mark to use his Jedi mind powers

Try the French Toast Sticks

Spicy Chicken Strips are back, and so is Mark

Mark went back to work at Jack in the Box after being fired from there years ago.

(Man, it it lunch time already?)

Hope restored.

I was feeling kind of down earlier in the week, so I thought I’d walk down to the Lone Star restaurant to get a bag of fresh tortilla chips and some salsa as a treat to cheer me up. Nothing much, just a little something to improve my mood.

I got to the takeaway counter and the fellow behind the counter asked me how I was doing. I gave one of my standard responses, which wasn’t far from the truth. “Terrible. Just terrible.”

He looked shocked. Actually shocked. I told him what I’d like to order and he shouted it into the back. When it quickly came to him, he handed it to me and said, “No charge. I hope your day improves.”

It was my turn to be shocked. I wasn’t feeling THAT bad, but the probably-manager decided to make a gesture and it worked. I felt great and it has made me want to share. I haven’t been to that Lone Star very often, and they’re right in my backyard, and I’m moving in a month. I’m glad I went. I’ll probably go again and see if they still make the chicken-fried steak.

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That’s awesome. It’s the little acts of kindness that can make one feel great.