What Made You Happy Today?

The Dragonlady broke her favourite mug.
She’s been using this mug for 10 years or more, and it was ugly, chipped, and had stains that would not come out. She cursed and swore when it hit the kitchen floor.

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. I had originally given it to her as a gift, and had a second one in storage. As she was picking up the pieces of ceramic and sweeping the floor, I was gently washing the new mug and handed it to her when she was done.

I’ve never known her to be without words before. It was worth the setup.


Picking up strawberries for the dessert we’re serving after the wedding later today.
Just driving out to the road-side stand and smiling at two pretty, young women who were having a great time out in the lovely sunny day and just happy as clams to sell me some beautiful berries. I’ve been having a terrific day and it should end pretty well, too.

Just curious: Are you wearing your kilt for the wedding?

Wait, just post some pictures.

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Nice! Congrats to you both,.

My kids are back from their long vacation to the Philippines. I didn’t recognize them at first, they’ve grown up a bit during the past 2.5 months. Feels great to have them back, wife and I were getting tired of the childless life already.


An accepted offer on a house.
Going through the paperwork tonight.
Wedding yesterday, new house today, I just need to get my new bride pregnant and my life is right on track.