What Made You Happy Today?

Where is Gratch anyway? Tell her to get her spicy chicken butt in here more often. :smile:

She’s been busy with work and school, but I will tell her she’s wanted in here.

A clean kitchen, and chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven. Mmmm… :slight_smile:

It’s Friday. The departmental Christmas function is this afternoon, which means I will have some peace and quiet at last.

(I’m not anti-social, I just hate socialising with the monkeys I work with.)

NYPD Stop-And-Kiss program

Spartans win!! :slight_smile: Makes it even sweeter to be able to walk around in my Spartan gear in the middle of Columbus. The looks I get are astounding…you’d think I had been out there beating their football team!

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My wife is getting me a tool of chaos and terror for Christmas Yup… I been lurking on Ukulele boards for a reason.

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Dunno about happy, but trying to spell ‘having’ on my phone, ‘havening’ came up as a suggested spelling. This is the default android keyboard and such.

Open this this website. Type frantically. Boss thinks I’m working.


This post by a police chief

Cross referenced to my post in cultural notes :grinning:

If the forum software is going to stop me editing a post because it’s too similar, then how about it actually puts in my carriage returns after links so I don’t need to edit it :frowning:

Original Mercedes advert:

Jaguar’s response:


That is awesome

More like happy this week! DD’s birthday is today, and she’s made it to 12yrs without any major incidents! Amazing considering all the monkey wrenches life has thrown us! And today is also the end of first semester, so we have made it halfway through the school year! And all my holiday shopping is done (but not wrapped - that’s DH’s job as far as I’m concerned, since he doesn’t care for my ahem unique way of wrapping things)! And my parents and grandma are coming down for Christmas and I get to make Christmas dinner for the first time! And I just realized how sickeningly sweet this post sounds - so much so I’m making MYSELF want to puke over it! And I’m out of exclamation points now! :wink:


Not enough emojis to make it truly sickeningly sweet. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Good hear that things are going well for you, Nabiki - enjoy!

Today is the last day of “work” before the Christmas shutdown.

My daughter and her family was safely evacuated from their home, and the water stopped rising 6 inches below the porch, flooding the crawl space but sparing the actual house.

Worst flood since 1954, by 6 feet, so if that’s the worst, they should be ok in the future.

On the flip side, they need to look for a cheap boat on Craigslist before spring.

The power came back on.

A bad ice storm went through Southern and Eastern Ontario Saturday night and yesterday, knocking out power to almost everyone. Our power went off at 5:30 a.m. Sunday and came on at 4:30 a.m. this morning. There are still a lot of places in Toronto (@225,000 homes) without power.

To be honest, it wasn’t too bad for us. We have a gas fireplace in the livingroom, so no problem with heat. David dug out his camp stove and I found a fondue set we’d been given as a wedding present 20 years ago that still had fuel, so I got my coffee and we had hot stew for supper. We have lots of candles and lanterns since we’re reenactors, so no problem lighting the house. I spent most of yesterday reading using my Sony reader - got through two books!

I also ventured out and took some good pictures (I think - I won’t know 'til I get home tonight and have a look at them on the computer) which I’ll post a link to once they’re up.

All in all it could have been a lot worse, and is for a lot of other people.

Yikes! And I thought the thin layer of ice on half my windshield this morning was brutal. (Just kidding, it was barely more than frost. Houston’s version of winter.)

You got it a lot worse than we did down here, @TechnoMistress. It’s worse up closer to the northern part of the state but nowhere near as bad as 1998 was.

I forgot what day it was today.

This may seem like an odd thing to be happy about, but the only time I really lose track of what day it is is when I’m I have been on holiday for a little while. And I still have 3 glorious weeks ahead of me too :smile: