What Made You Happy Today?


Totally read this as some sort of combo spa/automotive care deal.


I still give massages to long-standing ex-clients. Probably 4-6 times/month now. That’s how my hands stay so soft.


That would be amazing. Get the oil changed for myself AND my Jeep at the same time! You could be on to something!

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I bought a 32" Sharp 1080p television at Goodwill a few months ago for $40 or so (I don’t remember for sure; not more than that) to watch movies and play games in the garage. I quickly discovered that while the speakers weren’t much to write home about (running through a stereo anyway), the picture was far and away better than our household main television (a 2008-era Vizio). Yesterday a new stand/mount arrived and I set up the garage TV to be the living room TV and I am definitely a fan of the resolution everyone else has been watching in their living room for like 7 or 8 years.


I’ve heard it called “getting your ashes hauled” but never “Getting your oil changed.”




My boss just said to me:
“It’s Friday, and it’s pretty dead. I need to spend about 20 minutes with you to polish up this turd of a year-end performance review and then I’m taking you to the strip club.”

Not that my performance was the turd, he just hates doing them twice a year. Oo, I’m late for my meeting. Gotta go!


This applies to yesterday when I took my 10/22 rifle out to the range after work for the first time since 2014 to zero the scope I bought for it. Other than a heavy trigger, the thing is super accurate. Looking forward to shooting it more.


It’s a Blurr(y) sighting! :slight_smile: Good to see you.


Glad to see you’re still around too!

Been busy at work and with life in general now that I have a little one running around the house.


That I’m alive. Also that I got to see dolphins up close.
A couple of weeks ago I went down to the Marlborough sounds to help a friend bring his boat back to Wellington. It didn’t turn out too well and we couldn’t complete the trip. The problems of the last trip were theoretically solved, and this weekend was set down as the new date.
The trip was basically 6 hours to the mouth of the fjord, 4 hours in open water to the mouth of another fjord, 4 hours across the Cook Strait to the Wellington coast, 2 hours hugging the coast back to Wellington harbour.
Last time we got the first part done and then suddenly got a lot of engine vibration. We didn’t know what the problem was when we were on the water, but decided to head back to the original marina because we didn’t want to risk the rest of the trip. It turns out that one of the engine mounts broke. The cause of it was determined (stupidity on the part of the engineer), the problem was rectified and so we headed down Friday night. After about 4 hours sleep, we set off Saturday morning at first light (about 6:30am)
About half way through leg 2, the “fixed” engine mount broke again. Luckily, we had a spare. My friend worked out the cause - which was again stupidity on the part of the engineer and installed our spare mount (and didn’t repeat the stupidity).

Then, a little over half way across the Cook Strait, another engine mount broke.

The Cook Strait is one of the roughest pieces of water in the world. A while back they had measured waves over 13 metres tall (about 43 ft). Saturday was a very calm day, but we still had waves over 1.5m (5ft). This is not a place to be stuck without a motor. We had an auxiliary, but because of the nature of the waves, it would have been pretty ineffective. I was on the tiller for a lot of the really hard stuff, and even with the main motor going, some of the tidal races left me exhausted*

So when the second engine mount broke, we were in a little trouble.

Luckily my friend is incredibly ingenious. He wedged the engine with pieces of timber so that it wouldn’t vibrate. and we throttled down to about 2/3 engine power to try and reduce the strain. He nursed the engine while the rest of us took turns steering the boat.
We limped home for almost all of the rest of the way. Until a third engine mount broke when we were literally 5 minutes from home.
That one was also pretty serious as the engine started jumping around a bit even at 2/3 throttle, so we ended up idling the engine and almost drifting home.

* We had a following sea for most of the journey. This means that the waves were coming from behind. The boat handles somewhat like a beached whale in a following sea. When the waves caught up to us, they would turn us in one direction or another. The size of these waves meant that if we ended up sideways we would be in serious danger of capsize. So when the waves turned us I had to turn the tiller as hard as possible the opposite way to keep us straight (and the tiller is very heavy). Without an engine pushing us forward though, the tiller would be fairly ineffective, or even worse, have the opposite effect of what I intended.

Oh, and we saw a big pod of dolphins :grinning: This was a very small portion of them.


That sounds like quite an adventure, and confirms my thoughts that adventures should be read, not lived. I’m glad you made it back safe and sound! After all, if you aren’t there, who’s going to show me around Wellington next month? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, well, it was only supposed to be an experience, not an adventure. That part was unintentional, and unwelcome.

Let me know when you are going to be arriving. I’m actually in negative numbers for my leave at the moment so I can’t take the whole week off, but I should still be able to take a couple of days.


That’s what Bilbo Baggins of Bag End, Underhill also used to say before Gandalf messed his life up :stuck_out_tongue:


I was at Toronto Comicon all weekend selling buttons - we do it every year and most years we barely make enough to pay for the next year’s table cost. This year, though, was fantastic - we made enough to cover table and parking and plump up the bank account enough that we can start looking at some other cons we’ve been hesitant about because we don’t know whether we’d do well there or not.

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I made it into the Muskoka Novel Marathon again this year. This is the first year since my first one that I had to fight for my spot - previous years I’ve managed to raise the $1,000 for auto-entry the following year. It’s for a great cause - adult literacy - and it’s a great time. I manage to get a lot of writing (for me) done at these.


For one minute, I maxed out the mpg reading on my car at 99.9 mpg. Of course, I reset it at the top of a hill, but I’m still counting it.

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Cheat. Of course I’ve never done anything like that :laughing:


The two notes my phone plays to signal it’s done charging are very close to the first two notes of “Mamma Mia” by ABBA.

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