What Made You Happy Today?


That’s actually kind of a common scam tactic. Bring less than the asking price, but bring it in cash, because a large percentage of peoples’ brains will short-circuit a bit and make them more amenable to taking the lower offer because they will have the cash right there.


Your cue to laugh her off the premises.


Got vSphere to work. Yay.

Still clickety clicking my way through this. I inatalled the whole shebang on a test rig, making notes as I go, so when I’m ready, I can zap the lot, and reinstall for a clean demo for manglement.


She’s got chutzpah. I’ll give her that.


There’s a 10-machine circuit set up at my gym chain that’s supposed to exercise all your muscle groups in about 20 minutes (GoodLife’s FitFlex). Today is the first time since joining that I have had more than the lightest weights on every single machine.


Got my blood work results back. Estrogen level is 291. Anything above 200 is what a cis woman naturally have. Testosterone is 23. A cis man usually has at least 250 normally. I’m particularly happy I achieved the latter w/o T blockers as they can have some unpleasant side effects. My T was already pretty low (160) to begin with.


I had a LARGE chicken shawarma and deep fried potatoes with extra goddam garlic sauce for lunch today.
It was just what I needed.


There’s no such thing as ‘extra’ garlic sauce. If I can still taste garlic two hours later, that means there was barely enough.

(“I’ll have three tenders and a bread,” said me.

“It’s called ‘garlic toast’,” replied the man behind the counter.

“To be ‘garlic toast’, you’d need twice the garlic in the butter and twice the butter on the bread. Until then, it’s ‘bread’.”)


@Force10 I’m curious…have the hormone adjustments made any change in your voice? Is that even something they’re supposed to do?


Unfortunately no. Estrogen doesn’t affect that at all. Testosterone does if you’re transitioning the other way but us girls have to work for it. It’s still very much a work in progress. I wish I could afford a voice coach.


Saw this in the grocery store literally right now (shopping as we speak)

Both from knowing the backstory, and from remembering @Lee_Ars and his testing of the prototype. :rofl:


Sometimes you really have to stick around to the end of the movie.

“OO! Soylent! They’re making it for the good of society. That sounds like a great name for our product!”


I had garlic fries at a local burger joint.

It was about three cloves of garlic minced with basil and maybe lemon juice just liberally sprinkled on the fries.

I was tasting garlic the rest of the day and I had it for lunch. It was awesome. And my burger was a cream cheese stuffed fried jalapeno bacon burger… from a cow that was mooing a few days earlier… yum


Walmart carries it now!


Another dose of happy? Why sure!

Spent the afternoon at Pixel Palace Games learning how to play Magic. Now we can play as a family!

And worked on the boys room (see the Homeowners thread if you care), had salmon, accomplished my list, and am slowly taking my office back from the boys so I can work on my photos. A good day!


Got another massage scheduled for tomorrow. Been having the worst headaches lately, and have always had trouble with pain in my shoulders probably from posture and my job. So I bit the bullet and scheduled a massage a week for the next six or either weeks. My wallet is not happy but I can’t take it anymore. Once things are better I’m hoping once a month will keep it maintained…


My wife has a scheduled monthly massage and is absolutely loving it. I don’t know about you, but for her if she doesn’t have them scheduled she just won’t remember to book them, and they make a huge difference for her.


Our women’s spa has a club where you get one service a month for your $65 fee and can Auto schedule. So once this eight week period is over that will work out well. It’s the same spa I get my hair did at. Live this place. :grin:


Found tickets to a wicked cool concert kinda on the way to vacation this summer. It’ll be a little out of the way but it’s worth it. I mean, when else will Halestorm be touring with Alice Cooper and be stopping two hours away in Cincinnati?? Kids excited, I’m excited, gonna.br a great way to kick off vacation!


My wife does the monthly massage as well. I get them quarterly or so. It’s worth it.