What Made You Happy Today?


That makes me really happy that I don’t have a problem with flies bothering me while I sleep. But I get your point of having family close, too.


In summer we have flies. Lots of 'em - as three of our neighbours have horses on their premises.

In winter it is lovely not to have any flies and mosquitos buzzing around and be annoying AF.


I grew up down the street from a chicken farm. I don’t remember it much (It shut down when I was probably under 5) but my parents remember summers where the screen doors would be covered in flies. And fly paper all over the house hanging from the ceiling…


Ahh, that makes sense. There was a cow pasture and a pig sty across the street from my high school, and when the wind was blowing just right, the smell and flies would be blown across.


I did this:


I’ve been saying for years (decades, really) that I was going to submit something to this contest, but this is the first time I’ve ever done it, and the first time in a long time I’ve sent something I wrote out into the world. Wish me luck!


Good luck, @TechnoMistress! :sunglasses:


Don’t forget to wave your hat!


About $10 in parts and two trips to the hardware store meant I don’t have to buy a new recliner just yet. The internal frame bent from the stresses of it starting to fall apart so it won’t last forever, but it will give me a few more months.


I got my ass out of bed early the morning and wrote 571 words before I left for work. And then I wrote another 950 words using my phone (thanks, GoogleDocs) on the commute to work! Hey, if it’s good enough for EL James…


I managed to get across the river on the bus, into the wilds of Quebec to find my course location in -26C weather with high winds and whiteout conditions without freezing my nards off.



You beat me to it.

@Rizak were you still wearing a kilt in that ridiculously cold weather?


I’d better be. I don’t own any pants.
I’ll admit that it is a bit chilly. I don’t mind the cold, in fact I prefer it. However, this week has been a bit of a trial.
I don’t come to this side of the river very often, and the natives are all suitably shocked.


My old not cuddly dog sat in my lap and cuddled me this morning. He’s loving, just prefers to sit on or by you and if you get too cuddly he will leave. Not today though. :heart_eyes:


Work is buying us lunch on Friday.


And now I have a belly full of tacos.


My Airbnb reservations were accepted and we have a beachfront condo for Tybee island and a nice condo for Williamsburg! Now to actually plan the trips. :grin:


Got back in the saddle and presented at my local user group for the first time in 4 years. Felt good to get back in the saddle. On to SQL Saturday!


I for some reason read that as ‘OS/2 Saturday’ and wondered what year it was.


I got to tell someone NO.

I’m selling an old phone (Samsung Galaxy S3). After a prolonged back and forth via email about the specs (which are all easily available online), she agreed to buy it.

She came to my office with less than I was asking. I told her that once she came back with the rest of the money, she could have the phone.

THEN … she said that she’d only buy it at that price if I paid for her phone contract.

Who are these people and how do they always find me?