What Made You Happy Today?


I became aware this week of an insurgency in my old office to bring me back. Apparently, leadership is thinking about caving.

I didn’t leave on the very best of terms four years ago, but the idea that some of the same people who were very annoyed with me are now trying to force them to bring me back is… immensely ego gratifying.

It’s not been an unproductive exile (teaching and training dev), but it would be nice to do my real job again.


Fortunately no weird hardware, just plain off-the-shelf stuff.

Which means if I can get USB passthrough to work, then I can get rid of one more PC in the server room.


I ordered a new soldering station. It’s not super fancy, but should be substantially better than what I had (a wood/leather burning tool that had a soldering tip).


Patriots Win!!!




We didn’t miss our shot! Took the kids to see Hamilton last night and they loved it! I knew I would like it but I’m so glad they did too. Hopefully I can get them to the theater more often!


First big snowstorm that I can remember in a very long time. Not the usual “here’s just enough snow to make everyone think the world’s coming to an end”, but snow you can make snowballs with and piling up along houses and fences.

Looking out at my back yard at 10 pm last night and seeing for the first time how lit up everything was from the nearby street light reflecting off the blanket of white.

Watching a crow balancing on a branch just thick enough to bear its weight while it gets into the tube-shaped bird feeder. Of course, it was probably crows that broke the plastic in the trough bird feeder, so I have to repair that.


So this happened…


Now, before you get too excited, there were only two of us competing. Having said that, my competitor was a veteran Toastmaster who beat our club mentor in the club-level competition. Our club chartered last November, and this was my first competition speech (and the fourth speech I’ve done in front of an audience), so I’m pretty happy placing second. And I got some really good feedback on my speech.


I miss Toastmasters. Ours was a work club, and I don’t work there anymore. I got my competent leader and communicator though.


Nice. Mine’s a work club as well, and I’m hoping to be there for a while (at least at the moment). I’m working on the Presentation Mastery path.


That I can work from home from time to time. I try not to do it too much - I’m much more productive when I’m in the office - but after spending a half an hour excavating the car and watching the weather get worse this morning I said “screw it”. And Mr. TM was happy he didn’t have to excavate the other car, because I’d already done most of the work. :slight_smile:


They cancelled drill this weekend. I have Mondays off normally. Tuesday, they told us not to try to come in–free day. This morning, I tried and failed to get out of my driveway, told the sergeant major I would try again in a few hours. Then we started getting the flood warning notifications, and I decided I didn’t want to spend the day trying to get to work so I asked if I could just put in leave for the day. The answer: don’t worry about it, see you tomorrow maybe.


My new shiny made me happy. Being not smart enough to create a link makes more work for you but oh well. :grin:

Also the progress in my game, the new coat I bought, and the finishing piece of decor in my front room all made me happy. Lots of happy.



is that meant to be “in my front room” ?

don’t worry, happen to most of us. Write a nice post, dump it and run… only to discover a spelling mistake or the such later on when you can’t edit and change it… :laughing:


Etiquette note: we don’t call people out on the carpet for their spelling or grammar mistakes around here. That isn’t the main principle that this site was founded on.


I am so sorry, and will take myself to the dog box for a timeout.


Wait… what?


Sarcasm is just one of the services that I offer.
Call today for an automatic quote.


The wife and I are going to Fogo de Chao for dinner tonight. In approximately 12 hours I will have the meat sweats.


Ookson v2 is sleeping next to me while I keep the flies away from him.