What Made You Happy Today?


Thanks, @Ook. Most days I’m good, but every once in a while something smacks me in the face.


Got my new contract. It’s a doozy. Doubled the raise this year just because i asked. And a signing bonus. So it’ll be time to start looking for a new car once I get back from vacation!!


Apparently the blog aggregator/syndicator I submitted to last week not only posts tweets, but also to their Facebook page. It’s not even Noon and I’ve got 2.5x more hits this week than I did all of last week.


My hair is long enough that I can put it into a (very short) ponytail. Not long enough to ditch the wigs yet, but it’s a start.


Made me happy Monday actually.

My first day subbing a kid got sick, but made it to the bathroom.

So, the first day back to school was also my first subbing day. I lucked out in that the teacher herself wasn’t sick, so I had plenty of prepared material to go over. It was a class of 1st graders and it was kind of fun. But also exhausting, I was running around internally with no idea what was going on while trying to project an attitude of having things under control. There were two or three kids who flat out couldn’t keep up, or even get on the right page to start with and I mostly just left them in the dust. I don’t have the experience to manage the rest of the class and spend two minutes just getting them to look at the right side of the paper.

BTW, prep for this was 4 hours of video on Bullying, Sexual Harassment, Student Confidentiality, Blood Borne Pathogens, and OSHA. With about 10 minutes of actual substituting advice. I just walked into the school, and the front desk person was covering for someone, and picked up a chromebook without a password and a laminated emergency evacuation sheet.

Perfect job for a stay at home. I can pick my hours and work as much or as little as I’d like. It’s not worth doing full time, it’s only about $10 an hour. But it’s good to pick up date and beer money. With my wife’s new job (Another happy making event) we’re pretty well set. And I’m making bee frames again at about $20 an hour, so spare cash is there to take.



I’m such a water person


/plays Jaws theme


But it do look nice - just relax and do nothing.


There are sharks here. Someone caught one not long ago. But I’m not worried. Only swimming in the morning and only for a minute. Too cold for much more. But it sure wakes me up!


Got my blog linked by not one but two major SQL Server DBA newsletters in the past 4 days.

After the second one, one of my predecessors texted my colleague and said “hey, what’s the other DBA’s name there? I think he got linked this morning” followed by “learn everything you can from him.”


Yesterday actually. New job gave me an office, not a cube.


Goose the Cat has her own official Captain Marvel poster. And, apparently, way more merch than poor Hawkeye, which makes me a bit sad.


Not Always Right seemed to be experimenting with clickbait-like titles a few weeks ago. Didn’t last long, thankfully.


Patriot to the Super Bowl!
I know a lot of people disliked the team, coach and ownership but you really have to give them their due respect. To be that good for that long is something not seen in recent years in the NFL.
Should be a closely contested Super Bowl.
Go Pats!


Ice skating with the boys. Yes it’s 930p on a Friday after working a 12hr shift. But man… Ice skating. Can’t beat it.


It was our 5th annual Kilt Skate today. Not a bad day for it: -11C.


Sounds like we are going back tomorrow. :grin:


And a wee bit scared, as I now have to represent the club at the area level…



Using disk2VHD to make an image of the PC we use to control our alarm panel with.

Just in case its HDD goes b0rk b0rk b0rk


Smart idea. Does it also requires some sort of weird serial card not made since 1985? That seems to be distressingly common.