What Made You Happy Today?


We’re finally taking the dog to see the local county Holiday Lights show this year. They do a walk-through day one night a few days before thanksgiving and we’ve meant to do it every year, but always forget.


Though you also need to be prepared for it to cause a strain in the relationship. Of course it may well be worth it to help get someone out of a bad situation.


Yesterday: Handed in my resignation from $work to start a new job at $new-work in early December.


You know, if someone had told you to QUIT QUIT QUIT … there’s a badge for that.

I’m just sayin’.


Got the interactive presentation feature on our Sony boredroom projector working. The manual is not clear about what you need to do, so a ffffuuu to them.

Need some cables, a tidy setup and a monstrous HOWTO tome.


I’ve been telling myself to QUIT QUIT QUIT for far too long.

Does that count?? :wink:


Our new cat let us rub her belly last night. She’s still spending a lot of time hiding under our bed, but she’s making good progress.


Pictures please!


Just saw this on a website. An old poem of unknown origin.

Wouldn’t this old world be better
If the folk we meet would say
‘I know something good about you…’
And then treat us just that way.


Here ya go: Kittehzes! & Pets


A student brought me a big grocery bag full of hachiya persimmons. I’m going to make hoshigaki!


I went from seeing a question on twitter to publishing a blog post answering said question, with working code, in 30 minutes.


Teeth look good, according to my dentist.


Mine, too. Gums are perfect. Teeth needed a light cleaning. All good after my last cleaning, 6 months ago.
This puzzles my hygienist who knows my brushing routine. She (and my dentist) told me to never use my technique to illustrate good oral hygiene. Before my last cleaning, I brushed once a day the 3 days preceding. Before that, it had literally been 2 months.
#ew #shutyourmouth


I got a presale code for Hamilton!! Sale starts tomorrow. I may not get tickets but at least there’s a chance!! And I’m not picky about what day we go… Sat, sun, Tues all work for me. So I will try and try and try. Preloaded my Visa and am ready to buy!




My air purifier will be here today. The smoke from the fires has been so bad since they started, and it’s not expected to get better until maybe mid next week.


@MSUAlexis: Saw this and remembered you saying you’d gotten tickets. Enjoy.


My dad is bringing down my grandma’s old treadle sewing machine! I was just looking at the front room trying to decide what to put on one final wall, and was thinking sofa table but really wasn’t digging it. This will be perfect! My scheme is coastal with industrial accents, so this will fit perfectly! And I absolutely love this machine!



Today’s the day! My house is clean. My kids all cleaned out their rooms. A dozen bags of garbage are ready to head to the curb. The house smells amazing. The menu is planned though I still need to review timing. The fridge is stocked. The days are planned. And my family will be here in ten hours or less!