What Made You Happy Today?


Drying dakdaughter’s hair. Or what it led to, anyway.

Last week I bought a new car and traded in the Outback (9 years, 189K miles). But I couldn’t find the lien release letter the bank issued when I paid it off 4 years ago. So technically I couldn’t sign the title over to the dealer on the trade-in yet. I had to write a check for the value of the car that they’re holding onto for about 2 weeks in case I can’t produce a clean title or the lien release letter. If I can find the paperwork, they’ll destroy the check.

Called the bank to get a new one when I made the discovery that the letter was missing and they said 3 business days to process, then it goes in USPS. That call was the 17th. As of today (the 28th), still no letter.

Tonight, dakdaughter asks me to dry her hair. It’s easiest for everyone if we sit on the floor to do this. So I sit down, plug in the dryer, and spot a clear plastic box under my bed with a bunch of old papers in it. I had forgotten all about this box! Popped it open and about 4 items deep…there’s the letter I’d been looking for!


Red Sox win the World Series!!!
I grew up thinking I’d never see the Sox win a World Series.
They’ve won 4 in the last 14 years!


Oh yeah… It’s a seriously boring grind to get pretty much anywhere in that game.

My next challenge is to play it under Windows and learn about Engineers, planetary landings and all the cool toys you Windows players have had for so long.


You got a new knob?


Probably a new wizards staff as well.


Last year I was pointed to http://www.bombjack.org/commodore/magazines/input/input.htm for excellent magazines with typing on teaching BASIC programming.

Sadly, it chucked up an 404 when I visited it (want to download it).

Faffed around on Google a bit, and what the hey… Internet Archive’s got it all :


Want to teach Lil Ook programming in earnest. He’s old enough to do so.

First off a basic idea on how to code a program and debug it, before we’ll move on to something more difficult.

Hopefully he’ll get serious with it as he can make a bit of money with it.


I do think you’re mental, but not for that reason. :stuck_out_tongue:


I want snow. We have some specks last week late at night. That was about it.

Meanwhile I’m wondering if I should mow again.


I had to drive through that Saturday evening with no snow tires - I was not impressed…


I’m pretty sure these are the ones I used to buy when I was kid and meticulously type into my computer… :joy:


Same. But I’ve decided I’m not mowing. Not gonna do it. Will clean up the garden and yard tomorrow and then I am done.


Ah, BASIC. That brings back some memories. The one thing I remember fondly is that it was very good at handling character strings. Among the things I don’t remember as fondly is that it taught me a couple of bad programming habits that I had to unlearn once I got to college and started programming in other languages. (I learned BASIC on a TSR-80, which should be a clue as to how long ago that was.)

While top down programming makes sense for beginners, pretty much everything after that was more done from the bottom up with subroutines and function calls. This led to a semester where I was plagued by spaghetti code and that almost cost me a letter grade.

On a related note, there’s a puzzle-game called Code Master by ThinkFun that uses several programming techniques to solve the puzzles. Things like if-then-else and repeat-until and some Boolean logic. All good for young programmers to learn. Some of the advanced puzzles are best solved by treating them as programs that have to be written, or at least planned out, and possibly debugged.

Something you might want to see if you can find it.


You mean TRS-80. TSR was something else.


I got my ass out of bed at 5:30 this morning and went to the gym instead of hitting the snooze button. Today was my first full workout - I had my fitness assessment yesterday and boy, was that demotivating…


Ah, the good ol’ Trash-80. I remember those.


The good old days… sigh


Spent all weekend doing whatever I wanted. Saturday cleaned up the house and did a bunch of little tasks while watching football. Today we spent the day at COSI (Science center) looking at three new exhibits - Power of Poison, Hot Wheels (racing and car technology) and model railroads. And I caught a ton of Pokemon and captured some gyms. Then spent the evening reading and watching TV. Pretty nice weekend off. But it’s the little things that make us the happiest sometimes…


My friend’s cat came home from the hospital yesterday, and today is eating on her own and looking like she’s going to recover.

Last week, their dog (a husky/pit mix) was surprised by the cat, so he attacked her. She didn’t have any broken bones, but some serious internal injuries. Surgery revealed a lot of internal bleeding, and a section of both large and small intestine had to be removed. She also ended up needing a blood transfusion and testing for some fluid around her lungs.


Got free edition of VeeamONE running and it already picked up a couple of iasues with some of my HyperV hosts, chief of which is host memory overcommitment.

Have placed an order for extra RAM.

Great to have such a tool available. Now I need to sort out the email delivery.


My dad, my brother, and my nephew are coming down for Thanksgiving! And I get to cook a full holiday meal! I am so excited! And we are going to Wildlights and to COSI while they are here!

I have lived in Ohio since 2005. My brother has come down twice, and my parents maybe three times. I’d like to say it was because the drive was too long or some such thing, but somehow once my ex is gone they have no problem making it happen even though the drive is longer (parents moved 45min north of their previous house) and my grandma needs even more assistance than she did before and dad is more involved in her care than ever. I can’t say that it’s the reason, but it makes me wonder. And then I wonder if they saw things I didn’t and what might have happened if someone had said something to me a long time ago. If you are close to someone and see something concerning, don’t be afraid to mention it with love and concern. It might be the boost they need.

No matter l. I’m so excited to see them down here!!