What Made You Happy Today?


Getting a reminder that there really are a lot of stars out there and looking at them at 4 a.m. on a cold fall night away from city lights really brings it home.


Oh, right. I thought that sounded familiar.


I love it :slight_smile:


Got my Pixel 3XL. Very much like it. Really like that it’ll save me over $150/mo. :grin:



At long last - $Boss is seriously pissed about the theft of a brand new PC that we will be installing CCTV cameras in critical areas.

About time too.

This made me happy because now we can track/catch who’ve been taking things without permission.


The Windows 10 migration we have been working on since May is finally over. Hallelujah!


Sometimes I have to check that I’m not in the “Things you wish you could say” forum.



LOL, nice. We are in fact, done. Except for the remote users who got pushed to 2019.


The report modifications I’ve been working on for the past few months got approved with no questions at today’s CAB meeting. Now we just need final approval and I can move it into Production and get HR off my back - at least about this!


This should come in the 'What game are you playing?" thread, but I feel very happy about finally reaching my Elite:Dangerous goal.

All done on the Mac client, which is going bye-bye in about a month when the Q4 update lands.


Latest version of Proxmox is sooooo much better than what they had a few years ago. (Virtualization with QEMU)
It offers HA, quick migration etc. Should be interesting to test it.


One of my good friends was too wasted to drive home after her shift last night, so asked if I would take care of her. I got to test out her $130k Mercedes roadster and then drive it back to my place because getting a cab from there was deemed to be too expensive. I delivered it back to her this morning and then caught the bus to work.

Wow. That is one hell of a car. It took me a few minutes just to figure out all of the controls!

#trust #respect #whosagoodboy




And final approval granted. This will save HR a metric fuckload of work, which will make my life easier as well.


I’ve played Elite, but I just cannot play it for any serious length of time without getting frustrated with it. So many things in it just take SO DAMNED LONG to do. Even just getting enough money to buy new ship parts takes forever, let alone getting a new ship (not to mention you sort of need to apply the EVE Online principle of “Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose”.)

I picked it back up again for a couple days after I found VoiceAttack and a John De Lancie voicepack to have Q snarking back at me from my ship’s computer, but even that couldn’t hold me to it very long…


Our new car’s fuel economy is rated at 4.1 litres / 100km (lower is better there), making it one of the most frugal around. Not the absolute best, but pretty well up there. That rating is done in a closed track so that they can get realistic comparisons between vehicles without external influences like wind etc - so getting that rating in real world conditions is really difficult.

I just got 4.0 litres / 100km. It was a 42km trip (about 25 miles) with plenty of hills so it was a decent run.
Just for comparison, that’s 58.8 mpg US or 70.6 mpg imperial


Got the gutters and rainwater tank sorted out before the start of the rainy season.

We need a couple of extra tanks tbh, so hopefully we will be able to purchase a couple of extra tanks to store rainwater in.


First snow of the year! I love snow. People think I’m mental, but I just love it.


If it snows on Christmas, watch out. That usually means The Doctor’s in town (or somewhere on Earth).