What Made You Happy Today?


Lucky barsteward.

Enjoy it :slight_smile:


Graphite and Its Awesome Properties

I was laughing out loud at some of this.


“It must be the same thing so they called it Indian.”

I love this dude. The first couple times I saw him I thought he was actually stupid, the videos are much funnier once you figure out he’s intentionally so.

Too bad we’ve entered a stage of society where he couldn’t be the next Mr. Wizard. He’d get sued to oblivion in seconds.


LMAO - “This glove is not good for this purpose.”


This is going to be obvious to some people, but I was rather happy with myself for doing it. When choosing a pizza at the grocery store, I read the nutrition panel and noticed that on one of them, the serving size was for 1/6th of the pizza and the other was for 1/5th of the pizza, and the second one had fewer calories listed per serving. So for approximately the same physical amount of food, pizza #2 was 650 calories less. Add in not eating all the crust and even more calories were saved.


Sleeping in my own bed after two weeks on the road.

Cincy to Memphis, TN to Shreveport, LA to Midland, TX to Carlsbad, NM to Gallup, NM to Cameron, AZ to Springdale, UT to Richfield, UT to Grand Junction, CO to Limon, CO to Belton, MO to St. Louis, MO to Cincy

Saw Barksdale AFB and the museum there (wife’s AF posting), Carlsbad, Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon south then north rims, Zion NP, Bryce Canyon, Arches NP, visit to her brother and SIL who live outside Kansas City.



It’s Sangria Stuesday! :rofl::rofl:


Clicking “Yes, I really want to delete my account, Facebook. Stop nagging me.”


They really value your data and potential ad views…


@Lee_Ars knowing the value of beard porn. :smile:


Fall is finally coming to Central Ohio.

Also, happy hour tonight with a group from a local fb page. And even if they are duds, $5 glasses of wine never are!


There was a little write up about my little side business on a local website. Well, it’s a website about affairs that are local to me. The website isn’t local, obviously.

Please excuse the picture. I was literally covered with sawdust.


Our hospital Instagram is starting to take off. As is mine. Not that I’m that cool. But the dogs are. Thank goodness for #dogsofinstagram or we’d never get these new followers. Hopefully we can parlay this into a new group of people who want our adoptable dogs!!


I did the same not too long ago. Best feeling ever plus I stopped getting all those ‘Look what you missed!’ emails that I deleted anyways.


You’re famous and shit. I know a famous person!


We’re all famous in our own niches.



Someone put googly eyes on a US monument

Apparently the authorities are not amused and want to prosecute the perpetrators.
On the other hand, I’m amused and want to congratulate the perpetrators. I also think it would be awesome if this started a trend :smile:


Oh, it will. That much is guaranteed.


Ankle is doing so much better. No need for moonboot and crutches anymore.

Yay! Freedom!!


MikeP and Rizak, check out #VandalEyes.