What Made You Happy Today?


Ah! Huge pet peeves! Receptionist beings me a med refill for “allergy meds” or “arthritis meds” and the dog will be on several of those meds, or have cycled through multiples and complains they don’t work. On, so what meds are they refilling? Idk. Do you at least have a letter? It’s for itching. Omg go call them and have them read the name off the bottle or they can pound sand. I refuse to guess. Don’t give me a shape, a color, a reason. Give me a drug name spelled properly please. Gabapentin and galliprant are two different drugs. As are pimobendan and piroxicam. Azithromycin and azothiaprine. Enalapril and amlodipine. Get a name. Or get lost.


I also tend to do the same when information is sorely lacking. My crystal ball’s in for repairs and they have to ship parts in from forn parts. Dunno when it’ll be fixed. Maybe never. Sauron Inc got a monopoly on parts anyway.

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Repetitive strain injury (probably) to my right shoulder from excessive saluting during six months at the task force headquarters in Kuwait last year.

Stupid. Insanely stupid. But true. It got so bad I was skipping meals because every time I went outside I would be saluting 15-30 times per minute and it just hurt too much.


So what do you do if you have your arm in a sling? Do you still have to salute with that arm or can you use the other arm?


You never ever salute with the wrong arm. Though I did do it once, had a smoke in the right hand and walked right into an LT… Thankfully it was one I knew really well and I just had to knock out like 20 pushups. My brain knew I had to salute, and knew I couldn’t do it with my right.

If you are carrying something large, or otherwise occupied or injured you are to acknowledge the officer give the greeting of the day and continue with what you are doing. And in theory in hte field you don’t salute at all, but there are always those that insist on it. And I’d guess where he was was one of those.


Okay, thanks for clarifying that.
I’m guessing that @sig may have had other issues if he had to wear a sling in Kuwait, but I was just curious how that would be handled.


I never went to medical there; no time, and not much point (“have some motrin and suck it up”). And my physical therapist here said a sling would probably be the worst thing I could have done, although that was back when we thought it was shoulder impingement, before the MRI revealed the rotator cuff tear.

Anyway, it’s good at the moment, and I’m really hoping it will stay good. My career is kind of in limbo until I know whether or not I am going to WOCS (a school) in the spring.


Reminds me of this.

During world war 2, gunner milligan and his platoon set up ‘salute traps’.

From wikipedia : A saluting trap was a form of officer harassment practiced by conscripts in the British Army during and after World War II.

Given their general lack of control over their lives in the Army, and the long periods of boredom inherent in Army life, the men would grasp at any form of control they had. Conscripts were required to salute any officer they met, and the officer was required to return the salute.

To harass the officer, the conscripts would gather in a group, the larger the better, and wait out of sight for an officer. When a British officer appeared some distance away, the conscripts would set out, one by one after the British officer’s direction. The object was to force the officer to salute as many soldiers as possible in as short a time as possible, hopefully making the officer’s arm sore in the process.

See : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saluting_trap



4 weeks of vacation starts now.


Eork gonna call you with lots of jorb issues


This is totally still a thing, although it usually just manifests as a group of us see an officer we know walking the other way and we just space out a bit from what was otherwise a fairly tight group.

It’s not something I would do to someone I didn’t know fairly well.



Tonight I cross something off my bucket list. Seeing Ozzy live. Even better I get to go with my dad and brother. Cannot wait!

Next month Alice Cooper is in Cleveland :thinking:


Driving my new (to me) Jeep to work…


My department is buying us lunch today.


By being absolutely brutal with my diet and walking an hour every morning, I’ve managed to lose 10 pounds in under a week.

I know that pace will not keep steady, but it was still good to see. 3 more weeks left in this loveless vacation, so I guess I’ll see where it goes from here.

I’m not even hungry. I have a little breakfast bread thing in the morning, a tuna salad sandwich for lunch, and whatever we’re having for dinner. I’ve cut out all snacks, cheese, bacon, alcohol, and coffee (starting today). I haven’t had anything to drink but water and coffee all week anyway. If I’m punishing myself, I might as well go all the way.

The main problem is that my stupid brain keeps telling me that I should be eating something ALL THE DAMN TIME.



More specifically seeing my dad enjoying Ozzy show. Ozzy puts on one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. Then when you consider he’ll be 70 later this year it is absolutely stunning


My dad wants to go, and I’d love to go with him, but my step-mother is a mess right now in the hospital.


I don’t have to go to work, because I am having a week’s holiday.