What Made You Happy Today?


$Wife got a double hit as it’s apparently by county. She got called in the county she lived in solo, then we moved in together got called again by the county we currently reside in withy a year of the move.
I figure she’ll get another call if we move to another county.


I’ve had to do the questionnaire three out of the four years I’ve been in town. Only selected for the pool once, not called in.

This year my wife, middle daughter and I were randomly selected. Seems legit.


Mr. TM had a job interview last Friday. There was an offer waiting for him in his email last night. A bit more money, better hours, and he gets his weekends back (currently he works every other Saturday, and may not have two consecutive days off). He’s been dissatisfied with $CurrentJob for a while, and liked what he heard in the interview for $NewJob, so hopefully this will be a good change.


Yay for Mr. TM!

Mrs. Force10 is unemployed again and this time it’s her own damn fault. I am not amused and am currently trying to light a fire under her ass.


I just kill people in convincingly believable and justifiable ways. That way, nobody wants me on the jury.


And it’s now confirmed - woot!


I’m going to be in Vegas in October. When is your conference?



Workday Rising | Oct. 1–4 Las Vegas | Nov. 13-15 Vienna | Register …


Las Vegas. October 1–4, 2018. Mandalay Bay

EDIT: Fixed paste FAIL.


RR beat me to it - October 1-4. You?


Sept 29-October 2.


Sharan started to misfire on one cylinder, and it started to get progressively worse.

This morning I’ve had enough of this issue, and decided to take a look.

Started up the car. Unplugged the fuel injector from No4 cylinder. No change in idling (it was idling on 3 cylinders before). Reconnected it.

Unplugged fuel injector No3, engine idled rougher. So it is idling on 2 cylinders. Examined the setup on No4 cylinder, and found that the connector for its spark plug housing was pulled out and was not making proper contact. Plugged it in properly, issue resolved 100%. Yay.

Thought it was a faulty sensor or injector or something.



I tagged all my staff members in this when I saw it on FB. For two reasons:

  1. It is a great piece of training advice and totally accurate. We actually tell the staff exactly this when talking to clients. Greet and introduce yourself, find out what their needs are. Notice their purse. Comment on a unique shirt. Ask how they came up with their pet’s name. And make sure they have a good idea of how we can meet their needs and how long it might take.

  2. This is like the best movie ever and I quote it all the time. Like, more than once a day. :joy:


One of my sisters (and several of my friends) loved that movie, so I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it all, but not all at once and not necessarily in the correct order.


I did 15 pushups today. Not that exciting, but that’s 10 more than I’ve been able to do for at least six months. Cortisone shot is a hell of a thing, but I am trying to take it slow.


Got my flights to Seattle booked for November.


First day of vacation! And we’re only about and hour and a half behind when we wanted to leave (which is good for us - usually we’re at least two hours behind. :smile:) . This is the first time we’ve taken two weeks off in a long time.


Half Price Books has an outlet location not too far where I am and over the Labor Day holiday, everything was half off the already-marked clearance price. I picked up a lot of items when I stopped by.

One of them was the soundtrack for the Lost in Space movie. I just played it and found out there’s more on the disc than I was expecting. The back cover has it listed as “9-19. Original Motion Picture Score by Bruce Broughton”. I thought it was just one song, but it’s 11 tracks


Hi @Sig!! Did you get injured recently?


Fucking with a bunch of people in different ways.

I got off the bus early to report 3 cars parked in the new bike lane. I know that before the lines were painted and signs put up that they were hoping it was going to be street parking. NOPE! I gave them all last week to figure it out. Now I’m calling bylaw enforcement.

Someone kept sending me tickets for a disk enlargement with the incorrect drive name. I don’t get paid to guess. Either you have the server name or the drive name wrong. I closed the ticket 3 times with a “Requested drive name not found on this server” message before she actually checked and saw that she was wrong. I could have handled it differently, but I want these people to learn to send me the correct info.

Someone on our internal communication network wanted to buy something I had for sale. “Price is fixed” is placed right next to the advertised price of $10. “Would you take $5 for one?” Absolutely not, and I told him so. I almost immediately sold the 2 items I had for sale for the asking price. Much later in the day, he emailed back saying that he would reluctantly pay what I was asking. I told him that they were both sold, and he got upset with me because I knew that he wanted one. Yeah, go soak your head. Idiot.

There. Much better. A good day for BOFHing.