What Made You Happy Today?


My daughter just passed her driving test yesterday first attempt. She has ulcerative colitis and has been stuck in the house for the last year and a half as she has been unable to take public transport. This will give her a huge measure of independence and allow her to get out a lot more.


Last year we usually got between 2 and 6 orders for veggies and fruit.

Last month it was about 16 (IIRC)

Yesterday we got 50 orders. o_O

Friend of ours demonstrated a new sort of collapsible and portable tank from Australia (her son designed it). It comes in 2500l, 4500l and 10000l versions. Still have to figure out how much to sell those for.

We will also be selling those tanks off as a nice sideline. (Yup, that be me, just to get a scale of the tank before it is deployed).

So things may not be bad after all, and I can exit from IT in grace :smile:




Long-term strategy.

There’s several reasons I want out. But the major reason is the threat of crypto-malware.

Let the youngsters have their frolicsome fun with it, I’m too old for that shiz, yo.


It’s Friday.
I avoided beating my colleague with a chair.
I got the Tenable export/import script running, no thanks to their shit documentation.


My Congressional rep was indicted for securities fraud.


My Pending queue dropped below 5.


Man, I wish!

My queue includes tickets for customer cancellations, among other things. If an acct mgr finds out TODAY that the customer does not plan to renew, he/ she submits a cancellation. If the customer’s contract is good until August 2019, well, they told everyone.

I get the ticket as part of that.

My action takes place ON THE DAY AFTER the contract runs out. So I will have that ticket until specified date in August, 2019.



Text from old college buddy (who fixed up me & dakwife) who I haven’t seen since his wedding 3 years ago: “Hey, I’m gonna be in town w/ wife & daughter after a college campus visit”


Did a restore from backup of our primary domain controller VM, restored successfully.

Testing the other VM’s as well, but things do look good.

Mind, it is testing the backups, just to make sure our backup strategy is 100% in case something happens.


Replaced the cooling (radiator) fan assembly on the step-son’s Nissan Versa… About 3 weeks ago, he started noticing the AC blowing warm and even hot. Then almost 2 weeks ago the engine temp light started coming on. He immediately took it to a shop, where they tested the system for leaks (pressure test was OK) and replaced over a gallon of missing coolant, because most had apparently boiled off. Ok, great, but they didn’t actually identify a problem. Middle of last week, the temp light starts coming on again (intermittently) and the AC blows hot when stopped or moving slowly. Thankfully, he was able to drive the wife’s car while she and I were on our mini-vacation. We returned Saturday evening, and step-son and I started working on the car Sunday morning. After finishing the fan replacement, we put another 3/4 gallon of 50/50 coolant mix in and burped the system. (Yeah, that engine had been running way too toasty.) But by 2pm, he was driving it to work and wife was happy. :smiley:

It started raining partway through the job, lightly at first but heavier before we were finished. It was a moderate pain in the ass because it is a tiny engine bay so the engineering is awful. By the time we were done, I was hot, sweaty and drenched, but I enjoyed getting something accomplished. And I was pleased that my initial diagnosis was correct… after getting the assembly out, I applied 12v direct to the leads and it didn’t even try to turn. I don’t know if it was the high or slow speed connector, but on one set, it would barely turn if it was started spinning by hand before applying power. Score one for my brain!


Google Maps.
We got a notification just before we left for work that there was an incident along our usual route that was causing delays. We chose a back route instead which took us about 5 minutes longer than normal. I’ve just discovered that if we had taken our normal route we would still have been stuck in traffic an hour later.


I’ve cranked out three blog posts this week alone and have a fourth publishing tomorrow morning.

I’m registered for PASS Summit in Seattle again.


My boss told me there’s a good chance I’ll be sent to the Workday Rising conference in Las Vegas in October. Not counting my chickens before they hatch, but it still made me happy.


Spent all of our last money to buy fresh veggies this morning. Re-sold most of it, have recouped our money spent, need to go buy more veggies tomorrow and get money back again.


Re-setting my password and logging back in to the forum, then poking around and catching up. That, and not getting selected for a jury panel this morning. Here’s hoping I don’t get summoned again for a long time!


It’s 7 years, isn’t it? Or does it vary by state?

Also, welcome back!


I don’t know you, but welcome back.


I have lived in the same county since I reached legal adulthood… 40 years?.. and have yet to be summoned.

No idea why.

Oh, and good to see you back!


Thank you everyone! @dakboy I’m not sure what the requirements are for my state, but this was my second summons since I moved here 14 years ago. Last time I didn’t have to go, but this time there were a lot of trials starting.

@Ook: I’m basically a professional lurker, though I will work towards changing that and participating more.