What Made You Happy Today?


It says something that we seem to be focusing on the floppy disk part.

The midget makes me think of a throwaway gag in a She-Hulk comic where her wild partying at the law firm she worked at was getting out of control. The final straw was someone breaking the copier by copying their butt, and there weren’t many suspects as, well, it was a color copier…


Somebody touched her butt?


My kids can cook a good meal. Not something fancy, just something that is edible and taste good.

Wife and myself feel that this is an important skill, one which all kids should be able to do.


My home for the next three days. And yes, that’s Baby Groot and Scarecrow and Mrs. King keeping watch while I write. :slight_smile:


Price agreed to. Terms agreed to. Closing set for next Wednesday at 9am.

Just in time to deposit the checks and head out on vacation. Stress free. :grin:


Relax after the checks clear. With what you’ve said about this woman, I wouldn’t put a last minute ploy of some sort past her, no matter what the contract might say.

Then relax all you want. You’ve earned it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hence the demand for cashier’s checks. :japanese_goblin:


Attempt to pay in Disney Dollars?


I was figuring more like the checks being drawn on “The Bank of Bad Habits”. You know, the one Jimmy Buffett keeps singing about.


A user I helped with a difficult problem brought me homemade chocolate chip cookies today.


Sounds legit. #winning


Is quote abuse allowed on this forum? :innocent:


Got Netwrix Auditor to work. Looks great and promising.

And just in time too as some plonker’s trying to discredit IT…


Final hotel booked for our 25th anniversary trip. It’ll be the first time we’ve taken two weeks’ holiday in years.


I’m taking October off. I checked my leave the other day and found out that I have 10 weeks that need to be used. This’ll be a good start.


Another phase completed successfully in the migration from old server+old domain over to new server+new domain

Left the small stuff for Moanday.


I think if I took a full month off, I’d

A) go batty
B) be stabbed by my co-worker(s)


Just got home from my long weekend in the woods. Amazing. So quiet. Hiked a dozen miles or so all told. Saw lots of pretty things. Saw very few humans and interacted with even fewer. Soul is happy. :blush:


Aaand, most of the money from closing has cleared. Currently sitting at Ikea waiting for them to pull the rest of my stuff. Now I can actually make some good progress on stuff.


And half price cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory for dinner! Score!

Ok, obvi it’s a good day. Lots to be thankful for!