What Made You Happy Today?


I know! Erm… I’ll post a bit more about it over in Politics Is Stupid, I don’t want to derail the nice things here!

Politics is Stupid

Finding Beethoven on google play.


I’m sure everybody has seen this situation. Heavy-ish traffic, a little bit of really slow traffic in the inside lane with large gaps between them, but most of the traffic in the outside lane trying to pass the really slow stuff.
Well, I had that this morning. The outside lane was pretty slow because some of the traffic trying to overtake wasn’t going much faster than the really slow stuff. so some entitled twatwaffle (SET) decided he was far too important to wait and decided to overtake everybody in the outside lane, using one of the big gaps in the inside lane. Unfortunately for SET, everybody in the outside lane decided he was a prat and closed up the gap so he couldn’t get back into the overtaking lane. He ended up about 20 cars behind where he started before someone took pity on him and let him back in.
I was smiling all the way home :laughing:


You’re a terrible person (snigger) and you’re going to hell (smirk).


I live off of 44 oz diet Mountain Dew. I found one or two convenience stores that sold the regular version by the liter, and nowhere had fountain drinks for sale. McDonald’s large was a 22 oz small here. I didn’t try Irm Bru because by that time I was drinking cider or wine most of the time and it looked odd, though available everywhere.

But, it was an awesome trip and I had a blast. Will go back.


22oz small… That’s almost 2 pints, more than 2 of your pints! How is that small!?

You should totally try Irn Bru though, I’d like to see what you think of it. If YouTube is to be believed, you’ll spit it out and make high-pitched noises about it. Make sure it’s actual UK export though, and get it in a glass bottle or can; the plastic bottled stuff always has an aftertaste of mildew, like how 7up tastes awful out of plastic too.


I start off with 44 oz. So it seems small.


Just for the record, in the USA, 1 pint = 16 ounces. With Imperial measure, 1 pint = 20 ounces.

But our ounces aren’t quite the same as Imperial ounces. 160 Imperial ounces = 1 Imperial gallon, but 1 Imperial gallon = 153.72… US ounces.

Go Metric System!


Apparently I’m a credit unicorn!

I have achieved this magical feat by getting old and not using credit. So not using credit means that people will be happy to let me use more of it, but if I do use more then my unicorn status will be revoked and people wouldn’t be quite as happy to let me use it.

That does my head in a bit.


There’s a joke in there somewhere involving virgins and unicorns, but it’s too hot to figure it out.


A friend got a new pool this year and invited us over! It was so nice.

So nice.


My first order of Garrison Keillor CDs arrived today. Picked up the ones from the NPR website they were closing out that he didn’t have on his. Those are a future order. Gonna make long road trips more enjoyable.


A massive thunderstorm swept through last night and it’s a heck of a lot cooler today than it has been the rest of the week.


No storm over here but it’s a good 15 degrees cooler than it was 24 hours ago. Cool enough I might get out for a run at lunch!


Cool enough to eat soup.


(I like soup.)


But what do you like more than soup?

We had a big cooldown as well, it’s between nice and tolerable now.


Not that song. :smile:


Songfight is the gift that keeps giving.

I need to check them out again next time I’m bored.


Muskoka Novel Marathon starts today! I’m off for a 72-hour writing retreat with 39 other writers that also raises money for adult literacy - win/win!

This year I’m working on finishing a short story involving a naked, dead midget sprawled across a photocopier, and re-working a Harlequin romance I started 23 years ago and need to bring up to date (seriously - the heroine smuggles information out on a 3.5" floppy disk…).


Sounds like a good anti-theft measure to me.