What Made You Happy Today?


Let me guess…

The others are named ‘Starbuck’ and ‘Boomer’??


In 24 hours I’ll be eating breakfast and getting ready to drive to Chicago to catch my flight to London .


LOL, there’s only one other and her name is Gizmo. Apollo came to us with that name and since he was already 4 years old we left it. I think of him as more “god of the sun” (he is orange) than “Battlestar Galactica”.


I was trying to remember how the old man got the call sign “Husker”. The answer has thus far eluded me.

EDIT: Apparently, I just didn’t look hard enough last time -

His aviator call sign was “Husker”, originally bestowed on him by his copilot Coker Fasjovik, using an Aerilon term for farmboy or hick, though Adama was actually raised in Caprica City.


Got a firepit and a lounge chair and four patio chairs. And two swimsuits and some closet storage. And now I’m taking the kids out for dinner. Fun times!


I’m sitting here in the hotel lounge drinking my second drink, some sort of cider thingie, reading a book at 3 pm with about 11k steps or so… But my day started at 6 am Wednesday EDT I’ve had a couple car naps and it’s 3 pm on Thursday in another country six time zones east.

Slightly worrying item, may daughter and my mother flew straight to Gkasgow, and they were supposed to text me when they landed 7 hours ago.


Maybe they’re having a connectivity issue?


That’s my current assumption. But they should have hooked up with the rest of the family hours ago.

Meanwhile, I fell asleep in the lounge. But now I’ve taken a nap and things are better.

I also don’t think they have soda in the UK.



EDIT: (Ha ha)


Envelope arrives from our vet’s office. Size & weight say “it’s a card, not a bill.”

Open the envelope. Yep, sympathy card. I figure it’s a standard, cookie-cutter thing they send to everyone.

Open the card. It’s personally signed by the vet, every tech, and each member of the office staff, with a brief note from each.

Was not expecting that at all.


I got one of those when my chinchilla died. They included his paw print on the card. I cried.


Wow. Now that is above and beyond call of duty.


My wife does those. She does hand-write them all, but I do think ‘certain’ clients and owners get special treatment. Some animals end up being memorable to the entire clinic.


I wish they’d known him before he got sick 2 years ago and started his decline. But that was the point where we’d switched practices because we didn’t like the one we had been going to anymore. He was majestic in his prime (and I regret not taking more pictures).


My boss unintentionally had the entire floor with tears running down their faces.

He was talking about one of his dad jokes and made the comment that it was gold (comedy gold).

I asked him if he knew the difference between gold and sh*t

He replied “So that’s why my ring smells so bad”

Yes, he was pointing to his wedding ring at the time, but nobody could see that


Double Dare is back and based on the first episode…it’s perfect.


Cool. I heard they were bringing it back and hoped they wouldn’t screw it up.


Word of mouth is starting to spread regarding our fruit and veggie venture (side business) and it is starting to gather momentum. Rolling stone, moss and all that.

If all goes well, we will be able to make a nice profit (and extra income) too. But at this stage we’re starting to go above breaking even, which is a good sign.

And the added bonus is that we don’t pay for our fruit and veg we consume, which helps a lot to stretching the bottom dollar (or rand) a bit more.

Yay for us.


Depends what soda. If you mean Cream Soda, look for Barr Cream Soda (same people who make Irn Bru, and you damn well better have tried some Irm Bru!) - if you mean just plain Soda Water then Schweppes is your best bet.

I know this is probably too late though, sorry!

We’re considering this for our next house - a veggie plot for ourselves and a fruit garden to make jam and stuff with (supermarket jam is like £1.50 a pot, but go to a proper market and you can sell jam for a fiver and people buy it because it’s jam, not artificially thickened syrup with juice stirred in later). Veggie plot would be priority though, the UK crop market is about to collapse what with nobody realising until it was too late that we’ve been using European migrants for the harvest. Last autumn an estimated 3.5 kilotons of soft fruits rotted in the fields! :angry:


Ouch. What a waste.