What Made You Happy Today?


I have the same question, but more generally about my life.


Lunch is going to be a long one today, I guess.


It’s on the list, but a bit more obvious. Also on the list is a whole bunch of nothing. I have no problem spending a day or two wandering around the manor’s grounds too.


Reminds me of this :


Watch it till the nothing box.


Vacation. Four days of this. Maybe some fishing too. Also I might flip over.


Unless you want a one-sided tan, I would suggest flipping over. Enjoy your vacation!


/me est jealous

Enjoy it!


Realizing that I’ve put enough work into my writing that I’m well into the world-building stage and am starting to flesh out the society I’ve created quite a lot. New ideas are being generated because of this, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I wound up writing a third book in the future.


A blog post I wrote got linked by both the SQL Server Central and Brent Ozar Unlimited newsletters.

Woke up to a WordPress alert saying “hey, your stats are through the roof this morning”, saw the SSC activity and just now got the BOU newsletter and saw my name & link.


We’re in the middle of a Windows 10 migration. We do the upgrades overnight and I’m part of the team that does the post-checks in the morning. I work in a 13 story building that is completely occupied by my company and this morning all my post-checks were on the same floor that I work on.


I have a four day weekend and do not have to commute to the Dismal Cave of Insanity and Despair today.


Found a good draughtswoman who will get our building drawing updated and ready for handing in and approval at the municipality - she also know the correct persons to approach and use in our case.

And it works out cheaper than using an architect. Plus she’s registered with the correct bodies.

Light. Tunnel. Finally.


Made a meatloaf with smoked Gouda in it. Delicious. Want to eat the entire thing. :blush:


Oi! Where’s mine?

Sounds delightful!


We did a Bacon Avocado salad for dinner last night… I planned ahead and added the Avocado to only the part we were eating, so will cut up a couple more for lunch today.


I have a few bird feeders positioned next to the tree in my back yard. One’s a little house-style feeder with a trough that I put a fruit and nut mixture in. That’s the one the squirrels go to since the others are the “squirrel proof” type.

One squirrel has it down pat. He/she jumps onto the roof, hooks its feet on the end, then hangs upside down while feeding. Another squirrel hasn’t got it figured out yet. I watched it scamper up and down the branches, trying to figure out how to get to it. It never tried going up the branch the feeder was hanging from.

Lately, the crows have gotten into the act. They jump to it from the birdbath or fly up to it and either swipe what they want or land on the trough, which causes it to swing from the weight and spill some on the grass.

Just interesting to watch nature’s antics and how they adapt.


The number of fights that break out between bluetits over the spilled seeds at my parents house is roughly equivalent to that of the number of fights that break out in a major city over spilled drinks in any given bar district.


In my belly. It was breakfast, lunch, and dinner today. :blush:


Meatloaf for breakfast. Hmm, interesting.


I had a big bowl of strawberry/rhubarb crumble left over from last night with a big dollop of yogurt on top.