What Made You Happy Today?


This made me giggle to myself.
I was walking to the train station last night when I caught up to a guy wearing a very long leather coat (down to almost his ankles).
As a bit of a joke to myself I thought “I bet he’s German”

When I walked past him he was speaking. With a strong German accent.


Awesome, I got my CC and did the requirements for my CL before I left my last job. I also held all the offices but secretary. Get involved in leadership if you have the time, but avoid the VP of Education unless you have lots of time.

The more speeches you do the better you’ll be and the more people who say uhm a lot will bother you.


Toht: We meet again, Fraulein. You Americans, you’re all the same. Always overdressing for the wrong occasions.


I’m the Sergeant at Arms for our group. We’re still trying to get chartered - getting people out and getting them to pay has been hard, but we’re working on it. I’ve also been Grammarian, Table Topics Master, and Timer, and next week I’m the General Evaluator.

Once we get chartered, I want to get started on my Pathway - I’m planning on going for either Presentation Mastery or Motivational Strategies.


Today was my last day working as a consultant for my old company. That whole place is going down (very very badly) in flames and any decision that HAS to be made is done by committee and they’re more concerned with how to arrange the deck chairs than grabbing fire extinguishers.

I feel bad for my teammates who are still on the project. It’s gonna be a long miserable road til the end.


Successfully circumnavigated Sol for the 49th time


Easy UK pronunciation guide:

-brough = “bruh” - see “Eddin-bruh”, “Middles-bruh”
-borough = “bruh” or sometimes “burrah” - see “Scar-bruh” or “Tees-burrah”

Odd one out is Loughborough, which is pronounced "Looga-ba-rooga"¹.

¹ okay no, it’s “Luff-bruh”, but I had you there for a moment didn’t I?


Edinbruhuhuhu then?


To can pronounce it, I just can’t stop spelling it.


I think names like


do take the cherry on top of the cherry on top.

Edit to add the full name.

(Station with longest name :slight_smile:)



I’ve been there. The sign for the station was almost as long as the entire platform.


I successfully built the new nesting boxes for my girls. And reenclosed the indoor coop space. Need to build new roosts still, but it’s much better in there than the “temporary” structure we put up two or three years ago.

Also, walked around grocery store smelling and looking like chicken shit and no one really cared, I was just another working dude who didn’t smell so good. And man, I got back in my truck and almost gagged at my own smell.


What do you feed your chickens?


A little free roam, some kitchen scraps, but mostly layer feed.


Got eight hours of continuous sleep for the first time in I don’t know how long.


If you’re planning on going around the castle, get there early as the queues for tickets can be an hour or more. The camera obscura is worth a visit if you’re up there too.

Oh, and easy Scottish pronunciation guide … yeah, there ain’t one :stuck_out_tongue: Too many places have letters that are silent (just because), or have their roots in different languages :smiley:


When Taron Edgerton was touring to promote his Eddie the Eagle movie (good movie, by the way) all the US talkshow hosts made him say the town’s name as that’s where he grew up. If you search on Youtube you’ll be able to find it.


We’ll be there for about a day before moving on to a manor just outside of Stirling. Turns out I’ll be about 7 miles from Doune Castle. So that’ll be fun.


That’s a lovely part of the world too (and yes, Stirling also has a castle).


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It’s not even 0900 yet…what do I do with the rest of the day if I’ve already peaked?