What Made You Happy Today?


Mixed batches at least.

And, of course, backups. A RAID by itself is no surefire guarantee.

Luckily for us, a single 8Tb can hold all of our data. We are in the process of migrating over to a new server (new domain and server running server2k16), and our decision is to move only current data over to the new server, and leave the old data on the old server (which is, frankly, a nightmare to sort out).

Then the old server will be switched off for 3 months. After that, a new 8Tb will be procured, all data will be copied over and the old server be decommissioned (it’s running server2k3).

We most certainly don’t want old baggage data (domain controller included) to be copied over in the migration, plus it is to a new domain anyway.

Then the idea is to inspect the old server’s hardware, and if it is still good, repurpose it as a NAS running FreeNAS and use it as a fallback should our main NAS fail. This part will be interesting.


I have had a poseable Godzilla on my keys since … hell mid 90’s? Maybe 94, 95? He finally broke off. The rubber link on his neck broke after all these years. Luckily when it did, I noticed so I didn’t lose him in a parking lot. It’s not easy to find a replacement* and I bought some other Godzilla key chain that is frankly too big and his arms have already popped off. So I decided to resurrect my old one in a sense. I’d scan him in using photogrammetry and just print a new one with the 3D printer. Tonight, I fiddled around with my smart phone and a ‘figurine’ (yeah it’s another Godzilla toy. I sense a pattern.) and actually got a decent mesh to export. I need to take more pictures but cool. I can now scan and print almost anything as well as scanning in places for VR. Neat! I might scan in my truck…

*: Happened to look on eBay and found a replacement. $50 for something I originally paid like $2.50 for but I don’t care. I feel naked without it. Still going to try the print too.


Not if I buy it first!

Oh, maybe you want to take a look at this miniature instead …


I was able to find every supply that j needed to complete several projects at the house. I did not wctuslly complete them yet, but I have all the supplies. Which includes the proper texture brush for the ceiling.


Also sold the snowblower to the neighbors… their sons do yardwork, etc, for extra cash and I really don’t need a snowblower. Besides, they said they’d plow my drive for free if we get more than 4 or 6 inches. Which rarely happens in central Ohio. I prefer to shovel, so the money and the room in my garage makes me doubly happy!


My dad has a snowblower for years (in Maryland) back in the 80s, and I think I can count the times he used it on a single hand. It’s obviously different in other states, but we needed the perfect storm (heh) of:

  • Enough snow to be worth blowing.
  • The right ‘kind’ of snow, I.E. not too icy.
  • Actually have whatever gas/oil mix the thing needed handy.

Admittedly, this was a 70s snowblower in the 80s, and a bit finicky… Modern ones are probably much better. But it made the whole idea seem pointless to me.

Oh, we also couldn’t use it on most of our long steep driveway because it was gravel, which the blower would chew up and possibly be damaged by. Or something.


I have an electric Toro, which is sufficient for my drive, and frequency.

But Ryobi has a 40 v cordless! And I have their lawnmower already! Even better!.
Now, can I justify the $$, or find a buyer for the Toro?


Sounds like you had a smaller snowblower with a 2-cycle engine.

My folks had a late 70s/early 80s Ariens w/ a Techumseh engine (something like the '79 724 series) and it was a beast.

You can have my 27" Husqvarna gas snowblower & matching 21" mower when you pry them from my cold, dead hands.


I’m glad a snowblower is not something I need to worry about owning.


Can’t agree with that enough.


Probably. And it was probably not the best anyways, as we aren’t in an area where it makes a ton of sense to have one. Then again, one of the benefits of my current neighborhood is I don’t even need to own a lawnmower.

I think it may have been Sears brand, if that’s possible. For those looking for an update on the Hazy Snowblower Memories series, premiering this fall on Fox (to be cancelled after three episodes, just when we find out the right oil/gas mixture and why half the Firefly cast is involved).


I have a life hack for that. It’s called paying someone else to do it for me.


That’s Mr. TM’s life hack too. :slight_smile:


So glad we don’t need snowblowers here.

At the moment it’s a bit nippy, winter is coming.


It’s a bit nippy there… it’s a bit ninety here.
Ok, more than a bit. I think the highs were 95+ all week. On the bright side, the overnight lows are still in the 70s, but they’ll be in the 80s before too long.


It’s been rainy to the point of miserable here all week. $Wife had trouble getting home due to minor flooding near her work. Thankfully our new roof held.


I just booked three nights at Kings Cross, booking train to Edinbouroughough now.


I completed one room! Fixed ceiling, painted, replaced all outlets and switches. Not decorated or any furniture but that’ll come later. Taking a few days off then on to the next room!


That’s the correct way to do things. One thing at a time, and do it properly.


Got through my first Icebreaker speech for Toastmasters without too many hitches. And got some nice comments on the evaluations from the attendees.