What Made You Happy Today?


Bah. Network and mouse is FUBAR’d.

Other than that, it works. Have shutted it down until I can figure out a way to get the hyper-v guest programs/additions installed on it.

Fun times.

Edit : a repair reinstall may be the way to go as this specific server have an asset tracking database installed. Will have to try it and see.

Good for experience.


That’d be the place. And this cabin is in the middle of hundreds of acres. All alone. Can’t wait.


Enjoy your vacation! :slight_smile:


Costs a few buck, but if you and DH would like some time away from kiddos… this is a REALLY nice place to stay:



Spend a couple more bucks to endure the real, impossibly rainy Scotland

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Viking no longer haz “friends with benefits”
Viking iz much happier


It’s just me. There, um, is no more DH. He’s an ex-DH. Hence one of many reasons for a vacation.

No need for condolences. It was a long time coming, there were many issues, and we are both better off apart. As are the kids. I wish him happiness. Away from me. And I know he feels the same and I’m fine with it.


Being a McGregor-Stuart on my dad’s side, this is on my bucket list. :grin:


Skål to that! :slight_smile:


Went to what amounted to a job interview for a Lego Master Builder position for the new Legoland that will be opening this September. It consisted of a one hour speed build on theme of ‘me’. I wasn’t competing, just helping out where I could. (Kids were allowed to help and I’m a 51 year old kid.). Amazing amount of variety the finalists displayed. LEGO people, a train set, a guitar, a movie projector with ‘3D glasses’, soda and popcorn, a quilt and more. The winner built a record player and some records to go with it.

Much fun.


I almost took the kids to that this weekend! Just had too many other things going on and ran out of time. DS9 has his 10th birthday this Wednesday and I’m taking him (and his siblings, of course) to the Lego store at Easton. Which he doesn’t know yet and won’t until after dinner. Because he doesn’t know the store exists. I cannot wait until Legoland opens this fall. The boys are going to go nuts!


I’d drink to that if I was still drinking… Thanks for the sentiments.


My manager sits in the cube next to mine and asked one of my cow-orkers to come over to his desk. He said “Hey, $Cow-Orker, come here for a second.”

But all I heard was Scorpion saying “Get over here!”

Good for a chuckle on this Monday morning.


Does… Does your manager wear ninja gear made from sports equipment in the office?

If so, what is his favorite color? That could be very important one day.

(BTW, in my head is now playing a sort of Office Space/Mortal Kombat mashup where a lazy Scorpion uses his spear-thingy to get coffee, Raiden is IT and has one trick that rarely works, and there are several printers destroyed in various ways.


Mmmm, yeah. If you could have a flawless victory, that’d be great.


I am visiting the real thing in June. After two or three days in London


Got two Powershell file monitoring scripts to work on Server2k16.

The first one uses .NET objects to track file changes. But it does not give you the usernames associated with deletes. Presents the info to you via a boring .txt file.

The second one parses your security event log for deletes and create events, parses the information, and present it to you in a nifty HTML sheet, you can filter by username etc.

The second one aborted processing when trying to connect to our email server and failed, hence I had no joy with it. Simply commenting the email server part out sees me haz success.

I will need to get the email part working. Did it before with a different powershell script (needs SMTP authentication).

So far so good, it’s cheaper than Netwrix’s utility (which they license per user).


It’s nice having a boss who actually enforces rules sometimes. Enforces rules on people asking for stuff no less.


All 5 drives in the RAID was replaced successfully.

I was prompted to do so once it became apparent that that specific batch of drives was prone to failure.

Better new drives than risking corporate data and downtime…

I replaced a drive per day.


Did you replace with a mix of manufacturers or at least mixed batches?