What Made You Happy Today?


The abandoned house across the street is finally on the market after 3 1/2 years!


Mother is getting released from hip therapy Friday. Yay!

They couldn’t get the heart thing worked out so when they release her they are scheduling heart work… boo!


I’ll say “Like” to the release, but not click the “like” because of the heart work. Sending good thoughts your way!


No bots on hangouts for today. Going to be a good day today. :slight_smile:


My mom didn’t come home yesterday because she’s got pneumonia. But I did mow her lawn and run out of gas three feet after the last patch was mowed.


Found a discussion in one of the Not Always Right stories about how there should be a “Not Always Humble” category that went like this:

User 1:
Makes a change to all the “Look how witty I am!” posts we’ve been getting lately. Here’s a “Look how much of a jerk I am” post instead!

User 2:
I’m still holding out for “Not Always Humble”, the sub-site of NAx which features stories where people send in examples of how clever they think they’ve been.

User 1:
Please no… the amount of self-satisfaction it would generate could reach critical limits! Don’t you know that a dose of 10 milliClarksons causes nausea, and 5 microTrumps can be fatal?

User 2:
I don’t believe you. Reading this site exposes you to at least three megaKardashians an hour.

User 1:
Fortunately I’m immune to that level of dosage as I had a vaccination about ten years ago. It wasn’t pleasant; it involved watching the entirety of Disaster Movie at the cinema.

Mind you, it might be wearing off, as I found Matt Lanter palatable on Timeless. I am not looking forward to getting a booster shot…

I’m easily amused tonight.


Healthy. Alive. Slept well.

Today looks like another fine day. (Which reminds me of Don Martin, yes, the one from MAD magazine and his “One fine day…” etc headlines.


You have scissors, though… right?




Mom home yesterday. Now it’s time to tell at her for overdoing it.


When my father broke his hipfemur, his PT yelled at him a few times for walking too much too soon.


Edward Scissorhands? Is that you?


The official work week is 60% over. I wish I could quietly bury the remaining 40% in some quiet place where it won’t be found.


Vacation cabin booked! Just under three months and I’ll be taking a long weekend in the middle of nowhere. And minimal cell service, even better. :grin:


Yeah? Where’s “middle of nowhere” for you?

We like Hocking Hills - quiet, lots of woods and rocks and gorges and waterfalls 'n stuff.


Noticed our NAS (Thecus NAS) was running a bit hot (between 40degC/104degF and 50degC/122degF) and there was a notice saying the CPU fan failed.

Crapped my pants (figuratively), shutted everything down, removed the NAS for a physical inspection.

CPU fan is still good. No wobbly or noisy bearings.

But I suspect that the hot air does not get dissipated properly, so I installed two PSU fans (50x50) that I salvaged from an old server. Had to desolder a molex connector from an old stiffy drive so that the fans can draw juice from the stiffy molex connection, I don’t want to cut any wires since the unit still is under warranty.

Success, temperatures now are much better (between 30degC/86degF and 40degC/104degF).


Dad and MIL invited us to go to the Lowveld (https://goo.gl/maps/fidmhfxHhtS2 on google maps). Lovely place even if a bit on the dry side.

Sometime in September, which makes it just before the rain season.

We were there about 4 or 5 years ago. Kids will be loving it (they love being in the nature) and we hope to see ellyphants, giraffes and all the other assorted wildlife.

I consider that to be “middle of nowhere”. There’s a cell signal, but it’s more wobbly than anything else.


+1 for Hocking Hills. I did a lot of … things … there in my youth.


Converted a physical Server2k8 PC over to a Hyper-V VM

All went well, it is up and running now, busy busting a gut loading drivers etc.

Now for reliability tests.


You can’t just say that and not follow it up. C’mon, I’m making popcorn :wink: