What Made You Happy Today?


I had a small fender bender a while ago that knocked my front bumper more out of whack than what it was before. The valance (part under the bumper), I was expecting to replace anyways so I just bought the fender mounts, fender and a new valance. I managed to get everything off and back on yesterday within 8 hours. Not too bad. The bad news is the front of the frame is bent so my bumper is not completely flush anymore but it looks a hell of a lot better than before. Especially with the new valance. Now I just need to order the new headlights and hope he holds together till this winter.


My mother had a bit to drink Saturday and decided to move a 30lb concrete bird bath. She fell and broke her hip. No phone on her, so she laid there and yelled for help for at least half an hour. Thankfully the weather was nice at the moment and someone was jogging by eventually. (Otherwise I might be planning a funeral, or telling the story of my mom dragging herself to the neighbor’s house)

Anyway, she calls me a couple hours later from the ER, everything is cool she’s checked in and is waiting for a doctor, I tell her to keep me updated and I’ll run down if she needs me, otherwise I’ll see her in the morning at her permanent room. Ten minutes later I get a call, she’s hysterical, the doctor walked in her ER room and grabber her leg and pulled, asking her how her cough was. He had the wrong room. I ran down immediately after that call. Anyway, after some more keystone cops routines, her hip not being an actual “emergency” but only urgent we got installed in her room at like midnight with a broken hip.

Next day, after getting home at 2:30 AM, we head back up at like 9. Usual hospital no one knows what anyone is doing. The on call ortho surgeon was a shoulder arm guy, and since my mother is young for a broken hip he was pushing for a full hip replacement and not a partial (Hemi), and he wasn’t comfortable doing a full. He worked up a deal with the hip guy to come in that afternoon and he’d assist. So three rolls around, and she’s in awful pain the whole day and on morphine.

She goes into surgery, and after the surgeon tells us it’s all awesome and finished we go down the room to wait. Two hours later I go around looking for her and asking the nurses where she is. And they are all like, what, she should be down by now. Then someone finds out she’ll be down in 15 minutes. Half an hour later she comes down still doped up, and I was expecting her to be awake. Turns out after we left the surgeon went back in to check her post op xray and they had dislocated her hip moving her from bed to bed.

Then Monday we added afib and a high heart rate. Today she walked for the first time, and tomorrow she’s likely getting a cardiac reversion done.

I’m exhausted, hanging out at the hospital is draining. I’ve been coming home at night, and spending the whole day there. My wife is an angel, and my friends are all saints.


That sounds like one horrible nightmare. I hope everything goes better from now on!


I managed to get out of my first Boy Scout committee meeting without volunteering (or being voluntold) for anything.

I told myself that when I was done w/ the Cub Scout committee position, I was taking at least 6 months off. It took a lot of effort to keep my trap shut. Luckily a more established committee member piped up near the end and said “$dakboy is taking a breather, he needs a break” before I could.

I mean, I’ll still help out here and there, but I’m not taking an official position for a while.


I just completed my registration for the Muskoka Novel Marathon. Hopefully, this year will be more productive than the last two (although last year wasn’t terrible). Now I just have to decide if I’m going to start something new or work on one of my many WIPs…


Eish! Sounds horrible!

Strongs! May your mother recover fully!


We just got through a pretty bad ice storm. Yeah, welcome to spring in Canada.

I was on the bus home yesterday and it was diverted because they were repairing a downed power line. An older lady with a cane started to lose her mind. We had to go about 6 blocks perpendicular, then another 10 blocks or so in the right direction, then come back the original 6 blocks to get back on course. It’s the only way. It turns out that the repairs were being done right in front of her apartment building and no matter where the driver let her out would be a long hike for her.

Where the bus was going, it would put me about half a block from my house. I convinced her to get off with me so I could get my car and drive her home. It took 30 minutes out of my day and saved someone a huge pile of grief.

The bus driver was trying to ignore her because he was frustrated with the traffic.


Holy crap, @Woodman. I hope your mom is OK after all that.


Yeah, we were stuck in the house all weekend, and I ended up working from home on Monday (thank goodness I have that option). Because Mr. TM was off yesterday, the second car didn’t get cleared of ice, so I spent 15 minutes this morning trying to chip it all off. Yup, welcome to spring in Canada. Snow flurries expected this evening.


Next week is my last week consulting for my old company.

I can see now why they’re going out of business. The decision-making process is fundamentally broken and they’re focused on all the wrong things.

I’ve tried and tried to help them see the error of these ways, but they won’t. The thing that makes me happy is that I’ve gotten over that hill and come to make peace with the fact that this is no longer a circus I have to help manage and these are not my monkeys. I’ll treasure the friendships and working relationships that I’ve come to have and that’s the sunshine that I’ll take with me.


Good on ya, and I hope you land in a better place.

Also, somebody’s got to say it – don’t forget to wave your hat.


Were going to inpatient rehab today. She’s back into afib. And her dad is in the ER with heart failure.

I’m exhausted, I have no idea how my wife did this for two weeks with me. Otoh, I wasn’t forgetting instructions and arguing with me about whether or not she won a prize for being the best patient last night.

There appears to have been some serious consequences to a two glass of wine baseline for the last several years. She has been seeing bugs on the walls and mumbling about spitting acid to fix her leg.


Sending good vibes your way


Praying for you. Strongs!


Asked a cement company if they can dump their dry and leftover concrete at our place so that we can fill the excavation up quicker. They are willing to assist, and we get it done at a cheaper price too.

Basically our freeholding is clay soil, and you’ll need to have a floating foundation for a house. We already excavated part where we want to build, now we are filling this up with building rubble.


One of my favorite books is John Steakley’s ‘Armor’. It’s your typical ‘power armor space fighting’ book but I love it. I found the audio book on Audible this morning on a whim. And me having just finished Andy Weir’s ‘Artemis’…


That seems like a win-win for everyone, Ook.

@Darktan: I remember Armor developing a definite cynical streak mid-way through. Seemed like a good ‘response’ to Starship Troopers as I remember. Not a “You’re horrible” but more “You’re being overly simplistic” if that makes sense.


I repaired a jaw fracture on a 4.5# doggie today!! My boss happened to be in town doing a couple of knee surgeries and this dog just happened to come in at the right time. Super duper excited, and I think I can do it on my own next time. It was great for me! Maybe not so much for the doggie but he’s all fixed now!!


Also, separately, because it deserves its own post…

Holy crap, @Woodman, that’s awful. Sorry, man; I hope she gets back to some semblance of healed and normal as quickly as possible.


Happy days. Got second iteration of owncloud (virtualbox app) to work.

First iteration was a shambles, and did not work well.

Of course, said owncloud appliance is in a proper DMZ.

I had the heebie-jeebies whilst we were using a Western Digital MyCloud device on our LAN - and it “disappeared” most mysteriously, prompting the need for a proper cloud service, managed by ourselves.

PROTIP - Remember to change the “owncloud” password from its default of owncloud to something stronger, otherwise you’ll have a pwncloud…