What Made You Happy Today?


But only if she’s pretty, and has warm hands.


My wife’ll kill me :rofl:


I actually had something to do today. YAY!

It wasn’t taxing, but swapping memory from older production blades into newer testing blades was a nice change of pace. I got a bit of a shock when the guy I was workening with said that I had just passed a bit over $3,000,000 through my hands. Each blade was getting 12x 128Gb DIMMs for a total of about 1.5Tb.



Oh wow… .$3mil… lovely little nest egg there :stuck_out_tongue:


Pubic holydaye todaye :smile:


Our dept admin ordered in bagels today.


Cub Scout crossover to Boy Scouts was last night (yes, dakson is officially a Boy Scout now, how’d that happen?). I was up until midnight the night before working on the script as I was the emcee, had zero time to rehearse and did a crappy job of coordinating the portions where I had other people involved. For the time being, I have zero official responsibilities to the BSA or any unit therein.

SQL Saturday was this past weekend and I’m almost done with the post-event administrative stuff.

Our Women in Technology panel discussion at SQL Saturday was a big success. First time we’ve done it. Hopefully not the last.

My out of office Outlook rule kicks in at 1600 Thursday.


Another one that didn’t make me happy as such, but did make me laugh. I received this email today:


The offer is not only time limited, but obviously also information limited as well.


The episode of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic that’s playing right now has a character called Mudbriar. He’s the pony version of Sheldon Cooper, complete with a stick in the mud for his cutie mark.

Ah, poo. They didn’t get Jim Parsons to do the voice.


I burned down about 1/4 of my backlog in Pocket while on vacation. Some by reading, some by just saying “nope, not gonna bother with that” (because I’d saved it 4 years ago, when I though I was going to need to learn other stuff for continued employment).

I’ve still got 278 items sitting in there though.


People squirming and screaming because They Did Not Follow Protocol when recruiting new workers.


This is a throwback to my post 20-ish days ago, but @balance mentioned the sea glass beach in Port Townsend, WA, and I wasn’t sure our friends launched their Etsy shop yet. But here is the link!

PNW Beach Treasures


That includes checking whether we have the required resources (m$ office, laptop etc). Love the panicky looks when I tell them that no, I don’t have any laptops, and no, I will not install the work’s precious office software on personal laptops. Causes more issues for me when M$ decide to audit things.


Successfully circumnavigating this solar system for the 54th time.


Now that is a line I’m gonna steal on the 26th of May…


They were consecutive, too!


KJ Apa’s response to a bigot.

Long version:
Israel Folau is a rugby player and apparently a “devout Christian”. Someone recently asked him on Twitter what was God’s plan for gays, and Folau’s response: “Hell, unless they repent of their sins and turn to God”

Naturally this has caused a lot of outrage (and I love the fact that this does cause outrage these days).
KJ Apa (who is also a Christian) just responded:

Now that is more like what a Christian should be.


You live out on Pluto or near the Oort Cloud, then??



It is so easy to judge others. People should read Romans 2 and reflect on the message therein before they judge.


Folau’s response was poorly phrased, but probably what he though was accurate, based on the question and his understanding… from what you posted, he was not asked his own opinion, nor did he give it. However the question was vague and likely meant as a trap. (Like, for example, when Jesus was asked about taxes… “It’s a trap!”)
It is generally better to point back to what God says on a subject, than answer in a way that can be interpreted as one’s own opinion or judgement. (Not saying I’ve never messed that up, though.)

@Ook was correct, it is not our place to judge. But that’s incomplete. It is God’s place to judge.

If you trace it through the Bible, all humans have a sin-nature, inherited from Adam & Eve. So, by default, all humans are sinners. The penalty for sin is death… for everyone. God is the judge.
But if:

  • you believe that Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life on earth as God’s Son, and
  • you believe that He died to pay the penalty for our sins, and
  • you accept** Jesus’ gift of salvation made possible by Him paying our penalty
    ** accept by professing faith in Him as your Lord and Savior…

Then, God forgives you of your sins and accepts you into His family.

If, on the other hand, you do not believe, accept, and profess, then at the end times, you will be judged by Jesus and condemned for your sins. (Revelation is not an easy read, but an interesting study.)

So, really, the tweeted question was loaded because it specified gay people. Yes, there are acts that God calls detestable, but that does not mean that one sin is greater than another. Murder is a sin; the penalty is death. Stealing is a sin; the penalty is death. Coveting is a sin; the penalty is death. Lying is a sin; the penalty, in the end, is eternal death, in the lake of fire… just like for every other sin.

@Ook referenced Romans, and there is a lot of good teaching in there, and a lot of what Paul teaches is a repeat of what Jesus taught: love one another, even your enemy; pray for your enemy; do good toward your enemy; build each other up instead of tearing each other down; don’t judge because that’s not our place; don’t worry about God’s judgement of others, but worry about cleaning up our own house. (Not saying ‘be uncaring’ - not supposed to be happy that someone else will be judged for their wrongdoings. But rather, pray for them, give gentle correction, gentle correction in private rather than publicly for all to see, share the Truth that God loves them and wants the best for them. Etc.) Again, in no way do I resemble perfect; I have many failings and shortcomings. But I get daily reminders of where I need to improve and strive to be better.

If you think about it, all the people who turned around and publicly chastised Folau are practicing the very act for which they’re condemning him. Hmmm.:thinking: