What Made You Happy Today?


Definitely not ground. The “cheaper” cuts of meat work just fine, though. I usually turn roasts into jerky. Steak only if I don’t have roasts.


The good venison should be all leg, no arm. If they’re giving you arms, there’s something wrong with that venison!


You guys YOU GUYS!! Seattle has this little hole-in-the-wall called the “Living Computers Museum”. There are so many geek-tastic things to do there, like run robots and play with neat technology – but the best part is the third-floor vintage computer museum. @sig and I revisited our grade-school days (though he had to identify a bunch of things for me, because I don’t have a great memory for that), and the kids got to build a little model computer out of cardboard in the workshop. It was SO COOL!! :smiley: I think we’re going to go back, maybe even get a membership, so we can take the kids to their homeschool events and kid workshops. :slight_smile:

Living Computers Museum of Seattle


Yeah, that sounds like someplace I’d love to visit if I’m ever in Seattle.

We have talked about doing a ‘west coast’ vacation one year. Fly out to one end, drive to the other.


I want to do this, but via train. A couple days each in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco.


Too good for SoCal, I see. :slight_smile:


Train would be interesting. We’re thinking driving. There’s a few “arty” things my wife wants to see (maybe even a festival to attend) but otherwise the list off the top of my head is:

  • Disneyland
  • Winchester House
  • San Francisco
  • Some Beach known for Seaglass


Found Icewind Dale in the play store.


This reminds me of the Ohio CoG Meetup. We went to the Cleveland Science Museum and they had an old Commodore 64 running a text to speech program but it was stopped. Using our collective memories we remembered enough BASIC programming to fix it as well as take off the swearing filter they had for it.


That is epic geekery, right there. Fantastic! :joy:


I’ve played IWD, BG 1 & 2, and P:T on mobile and they’re playable. They’re “pricey” for phone games, but they have constantly tried to upgrade them since they’ve been out. Beamdog isn’t perfect, but they’re making an effort.


@balance: We have a friend who regularly walks the seaglass beach in Port Townsend. He makes jewelry out of it, and is supposed to have an Etsy store, but I don’t know if it’s launched yet.

Let us know if you’re ever in the area, and maybe we can meet you on that side! Sometimes it’s just easier if we come to you, since the Puget Sound can be a gigantic time-suck when it comes to navigating around the topography.


Not so much happy, but it made me laugh.

We have some building sites just out the back of our house (used to be a golf course, now being made into housing).
A couple of days ago we had a delivery at 5am with trucks reversing and making that distinctive beep beep sound. I never heard any of that, but my wife did. We decided that if it happens again we would make a complaint to the local council - as that’s a ridiculous time to be waking up the neighbourhood.

This morning I was woken up by beeping.
I was still a little drowsy so I just lay there cursing those f@#%ing truck drivers … until I realised it was actually our breadmaker. The only reason it woke me up was because my alarm was due to go off in 2 minutes and my body was already preparing to wake up.

So yeah - I had a little giggle at my stupidity and then enjoyed the nice fresh bread :smile:


Not today, but on Saturday I got John Wesley Shipp’s autograph on my Flash logo button at Toronto ComiCon. He was the original Flash back in the 90’s, and is Barry Allen’s dad/Jay Garrick on the new Flash.



I really love the fact that the current show made an effort to include as much of the cast from the original as possible (this includes the doctor and Hamill coming back as the Prankster)


And Amanda Pays as well - I’ve been a huge fan of hers since Max Headroom. I recently picked up the original Flash on DVD, and I’m looking forward to watching it again.


The Max Headroom DVDs are a fun watch. Some great commentary from the cast and crew, as I remember. That was a show ahead of its time.


I tried re-watching them recently and, honestly, I couldn’t get past the first few episodes. The stories are great, but the tech… :slight_smile:


I managed to find an answer for every problem that came through the door. Some of the answers sucked and I hope the doggies get better, but at least I have an answer. Most exciting case of the day from a doctor standpoint? Spontaneous pneumothorax. First for me in 13 years. Gnarly looking lung lobes on x-ray too.


4 new tyres. Cops won’t bother me anymore.

Recently metro cops activity increased, and one of my tyres was a bit on the bald side.

All is good now, they can pull me off. No worries.