What Made You Happy Today?


To clarify - I did have one at one time. I’m pretty sure it was never lent or thrown out, so it should be around somewhere. But, locating the box/bin it is in would be a chore.


Having fractional taquitos for lunch.


Ookson asked for a long while ago for an Old El Paso Taco Kit. Bought one last week, and he was most happy to make the mince and dish it all up.

He was so excited when we showed him the taco kit. First time I’ve had taco as well, something quite different.

At home we allow our children to help with preparing food - and I believe it is a most neccessary skill to have. Ookson’s culinary skills is good, he want to be like Jamie Oliver and have his own restaurant one day. Bless.


Reading the phrase, “Princess death clowns”. The Daily WTF provides examples of badly-written code and today’s example is about dissecting an auto-complete textbox that wasn’t working. Someone decided that using “princess”, “death” and “clowns” in their IF-ELSE statements was appropriate.

As Dave Barry might say, “Princess Death Clowns” would make a great name for a rock 'n roll band.


Mandatory, kids don’t learn if they don’t do.


Princess Death Clowns sounds like the name of some awful zombie movie :smile:


I finally closed my old Yahoo account. It’s been pretty inactive but I finally just pulled the trigger on it.


The Dragonlady uses hers as her junk email address for signing up for stuff she never wants to hear from again. It’s the black hole of email.

Can I still apply for an AOL account? I wonder.

EDIT: Yes, I can. How retro/futurist/triggering/anarchist.


Spark (our main national telecom company) just posted a video on their Facebook page supporting our LGB(…) community.
Someone posted this on their Facebook page - and check out Spark’s response

It’s a little disappointing that the bigot got 34 likes, but 400 or so for Spark’s response makes up for it a little bit :smile:


I accidentally deleted some spreadsheets off a USB thumb drive, then found out when I put them there, I did a move isntead of a copy, so I lost about two months worth of work.

Why I’m happy about this is I found one of the earlier versions and I was able to rebuild and significantly expand it with some calculations I didn’t know I needed before. It’s going to work out a lot better this way and will highlight the points I need more effectively.


You’re not necessarily out the work. Check out this video on Recycle Bin forensics. You could still recover the file:


I have it set to skip the recycle bin on most of the partitions and just delete the files. I also have an undeletion program, but even if it works with USB thumb drives, that one is so heavily used, the files were long gone. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. As I said, I got to put in new sections I hadn’t realized I needed before and would have been difficult to squeeze them in and make sure all the links got updated correctly.


Zuma is out.


B&M have got more of the green-can Arizona Iced Tea in, instead of their usual three stacks of the red-tin which nobody likes nor buys.


I was a guest on a podcast for the first time tonight. I think I managed to keep my foot out of my mouth and not embarrass myself.


We’ve had some stability issues w/ our systems lately. The database server hasn’t come crashing down, but we’ve pushed it to the point of exhausting the memory allocated to SQL Server (and this box has 0.75TB of RAM).

Figured out today that one of our most common queries, which has been causing us agita for several reasons, is being granted 15GB of RAM (sometimes more) each time it runs. And it’s sometimes being run several times by the same user as they get impatient waiting for their web page to run, and…well, it’s a big part of why we’re running out of memory.

It’s a trivial query, but I slapped an index on one of the fields it uses and the memory allocation dropped to at most (so far) about 300MB for it.

The query still sucks and the developers are working on it, but my database server is happier now.


I had one of those MS support calls today and used an idea I got off Not Always Right.

Him (in a very obvious Indian accent): This is Ben from Microsoft support …
Me: That’s ironic, I was just looking at a web page about Microsoft support scams and they recommend either saying I know it’s a scam or just hanging up. Which one of those should I choose?
Him: (…) <click>

That was surprisingly satisfying :smile:


Something close to that for me a couple of weeks ago. I go in for a haircut and am told that they’re pretty busy, with a recommendation to come back the next day. Didn’t look like they were busy, but I decided to go do other things. Did come back the next day. The same employee remembered me and thanked me for coming back.

I notice that the employee seems to be apologizing a lot for me having to wait, even though it was only about 10 or 15 minutes. She apologizes again when I’m paying, so I gave her some reassurance taken from seeing countless examples on Not Always Right and tell her, “I’ve got a choice. I can be one of those customers that raises a big stink over a tiny little thing, or I can realize it’s a tiny little thing.” She seemed relieved that I didn’t get upset.


I don’t think any of us like waiting while in line for service, but yeah - we all HAVE to sometimes. It’s like the saying; “Want to get the real measure of a person? See how they treat the wait staff/ subordinates/ service people.”

On a toot-my-own-horn theme: My barber takes appointments. The whole shop does, except they always have a designated “walk in” guy.

The previous guy (had to move home to WV, curse the luck) took appts by email… even better.


This made me happy lol