What Made You Happy Today?


We have a Christmas tradition where we hang a troll on our tree - and the troll always faces the tree. Take the troll off the tree, turn the string around and the troll still faces the tree. Nobody has ever managed to get the troll to face the room.

Today, after several minutes fluffing about, I managed to get the troll to face the room.

Then turned it right back around again because it was just wrong :frowning_face: (and yes, it did stay facing the tree)


The butter, the eggs, does the chocolate have whey in it, yeah. The list of things she can eat could be scribbled on the back of a Cook’s match box.


Snaffled one or two cookies from $wife’s baking lot, lotsa yumms


I found out that Steam has the Commander Keen series. I have it and run it already in a DOS Box but this saves me some time and effort.


I totally slept in this morning, until sometime past noon, then puttered around the house… installed a smart switch for the porch light and goofed off. Very relaxing.


First white Christmas I can remember where it snowed on Christmas, rather than several days beforehand and then we’re just stuck with cold and ice-like compacted snow.


Falcon Heavy has been lifted to vertical at Launch Complex 39A.


Not today, but over the weekend we had a bit of snow. Not a lot. Maybe 1/4" Just enough that you probably should shovel but not enough to pull a snow plow out for (side note: by the end of the day/weekend it had mostly disappeared). But it was super cold and the snow was fluffy. My neighbors were out shoveling and my town has a law about clearing your sidewalks. I on the other hand had other plans.

I opened my garage with my battery leaf blower on my back and stepped out into the brisk morning air like a god damn Norse god! My neighbors looked up from their pathetic shoveling while I strode across the driveway and sidewalks and cleared all the snow in minutes while they wondered how they could ever achieve the level of intelligence I had just demonstrated. It was glorious…


I’ve done that… really cool when the conditions are right.


About a week out of date, but only just got back from holiday.

Walking through Nagano with an inch of snow on the ground, and more falling.


One unexpected side benefit to really cold temperatures:

Packed snow on the pavement doesn’t stick - it just flakes off.

We were away when it snowed. The sun had two days to do a little surface melting if it was going to, and we had to drive on it to park. So normally I’d have a headache trying to get that melted-and-refrozen, packed-into-ice crap to try and get off the drive and walk.


Plain metal-bladed shovel scraped it all right off. Anything packed was in the form of snow cakes, the sun-melt didn’t even have that much cohesion.

Now, it still frosted my airways to work in that, but the clearing was easy.


Intel havening a bad start to the year.


I got to go back over to the data center this morning to swap 3 old servers with 3 new ones. I’m happiest playing in the data center doing this sort of thing. Racking servers and wiring them up (when it’s not a rats nest) gives me a fuzzy feeling. I’d like to do more and have it my job so I’ve been trying to get into one of the data centers around here but my skill set is building systems once they are installed. I don’t think I get looked at for simple lift and shift jobs. I was hoping I’d be the one to setup these new servers too but I don’t think that’s going to happen.


I think there’s an assumption that hardware work is low-level (Well, unless you’re designing/building it) since it can be specced and delegated… But I’m happier plugging things in, too.


Cow-orker gone. For good. Yeah that one. Huzzah!!


So far, winter has been very mild around here. Today, I spotted crocuses blooming amongst the grass and even though I hadn’t filled the bird feeders in about two months, it took them less than five minutes to spot they were full again.


Ookson had an suspected ear infection. Started on Friday night, and it only cleared out early this morning.

Glad he’s better now, it was not fun. Poor wee laddie.


Tom Hanks will be starring in the Fred Rogers biopic. I trust him above anyone else with this role.


Found a working! Intel P2 350MHz board (AOpen AX6B).

Populated it with 512Mb RAM (4x 128Mb)

Going to install Ubuntu Server on it, and use it as internet gateway at home. Current Mikrotik just doesn’t cut it anymore - cannot block adverts etc with it.

Going to be a learning experience for me as I’m used to a Smoothwall :slight_smile: - reason being that I want to use an Huawei E220 USB dongle and Smoothwall doesn’t have USB support.

edit : spoke too soon -

  1. Cannot boot from USB
  2. IDE only, no more IDE devices available. And the PCI SATA card I had won’t boot from SATA DVDROM.
  3. Meh. Ah well, was interesting.
  4. Even if I got it to work, it would not have been worth the hassle, I’m looking for something that I can recover fast and easily with, no good in having to jump through hoops in order to install an OS.


It is very possible that somewhere in my hardware archives I have a IDE to Compact Flash card adapter. As I recall, CF used IDE/ATA signalling, so it really was just adapting the connection. Precursor to SSD!