What Made You Happy Today?


My new extruder for my 3D printer came in last week and I was able to install it Sat. Prints like a champ. Due to this being a much better extruder and the temperature being read slightly differently, I now have to go through and re-do all my print settings. I started a print journal to try and keep track of odd settings I’ll need for certain filaments (the glow in the dark filament is a bit touchy). But the test prints I did this weekend are promising and I think my issue with my bowden tube popping out might be resolved.


Did you have to write an apology?


Yeah, I’m keeping notes on the laser cutters I use. Hopefully the next batch I do for the Hackintosh are good enough that I can try going from wood to acrylic for parts soon, which will require some experimentation to cut.


We have an Amazon nearby, and more than once I’ve seen my order delayed until the window when they said I could expect it. I don’t pay for rush shipping ordinarily, so it sits in “pending” for a week, ten days… THEN ships and gets here next day.


Cisco used to do that a lot. If you paid for 7 day replacement, you got stuff at day 7, not a day earlier. So stuff would sit in a depot and get overnighted right at the end.


UPS used to do that with boxes shipped 3 Day Select… they would go out with the 2nd Day Air packages, then sit at the destination hub for a day. Our driver at my old employer gave us the heads up on that one.


That sounds prohibitively expensive, but A) it’s Cisco and B) overnight is probably more reliable for a specific date than “regular” shipping.




Reliability of delivery is probably a concern. Also, just making paying for 4 hour replacement more valuable.

We had 7 day on a lot of nominally redundant stuff at $OldJob and it was fine. The weird shipping probably hurt when (rarely) a big chassis switch like a 6509 blew. The chassis are bulky, hefty, and palletized empty, much less loaded with cards and PSUs. The PSUs are a bit bigger and heavier than a car battery, by comparison. At least they have a big handle, and inserting and powering one up does make you feel like you’re doing some sort of cool sci-fi stuff, like inserting HAL’s memory cores, or loading the trap into the grid in Ghostbusters.

We mostly used it on sup modules and such, which were just large ‘pizza box’ blades in more manageable boxes.


The irony is very metallic here.


Totally forgot one of the best parts of this.

Among others, that project was mentioned in the last session of the week. I was able to help the presenter answer a question about usage because I worked on the documentation for the function he was demonstrating, and even better, I wrote actual code in the function that he demonstrated. IOW…code I wrote was demonstrated at a global conference.


Alabama …


I was building boxes for Christmas gifts, wooden boxes to put everything in (Honey, hat and socks, slippers, beer bread mix, beer, and jam) one for each family on our list. And I was using my brad nailer to put them together, all was great till about the 4th box which I apparently made out of steel instead of pine. A brad went in, took a 90 degree turn and went in my thumb.

Happy part?

Apparently I was already pulling my thumb off it and it only went in about a quarter inch instead of the half to three quarter inch it came out of the wood. So, it was just an owie instead of an oh shit.


Who’s Brad and why are you nailing him?


My sprained ankle has healed enough that I only need to use one crutch instead of two.


He nailed me after I nailed him, it’s a scratch my back I’ll scratch yours sort of thing.


So our washing machine packed in about a week ago, so we had to buy a new one (Hotpoint, superb machine by the way) so we spent pretty much all of our Christmas savings.

So this year everyone is getting a biscuit selection box made by Paul and I (okay, made by Paul, assisted by me (okay, I put the sprinkles on)) but what makes me really happy is just how well they all turned out! The granola biscuits are just that little bit soft and chewy, the hard peel biscuits look awful (I didn’t do the glaze right) but taste amazing, the rose and orange thins are light and crumbly, the weird vegan things for The Annoying Sister In Law are edible and not entirely bland, and best of all the jammy-dodgers-that-accidentally-became-empire-biscuits are quite possibly the best thing ever baked in our oven.

We’ll be making more of those. Many, many, many more.


I want to be on your Christmas list. Sounds delicious!


I assume it’s the butter that’s an issue for TASIL, could you not just use a dairy-free substitute?
We use stuff called Olivani that is similar enough to butter that it makes no difference in cooking.


Don’t know how many of you know the German delicacy called stollen.

$Wife decided to try making stollen biscuits, which turns out just great. Unfortunately it uses cream cheese, which is a bit on the expensive side.

Bought a tub (1kg) of double cream caramel yoghurt by accident, which is too rich for us, and we don’t like the taste of anyway. $wife decided to try said yoghurt as substitute for cream cheese.

Biscuits are still delicious. And works out cheaper than with the cream cheese anyway.

And today she’s baking a ton of cookies. Yumms.