What Made You Happy Today?


In my minds eye, Appy is a Microsoft’s Clippy given a human body, kind of like Edgar in Men in Black.


Well, that worked out better than I was expecting. Got a phone call and the person introduced themselves as being from a government-type sounding name. I didn’t hear the name clearly, so I asked him to repeat it. The guy didn’t know what to do, and after I asked two more times and got silence, he hung up.

So, knowing it was a scam and also legitimately not hearing it clearly equalled stimied scammer.


Back at home. Yay.


End of crazy craft show season for the year.
I’ve ordered a very expensive bottle of Armagnac to celebrate.


Hotspot for visitors working.


This is so tasty.


A dancer I know texted me out of the blue to ask if I’d be interested in doing a little side-room massage chair action as an add-on to her infamous Caribbean Christmas party.

Uh … let me give that some … YES! HELL yes.

We’ve talked about this before, and I’ve massaged her so she knows what I can do and what kind of person I am, so it is really flattering that she would ask me to do this for them. I know most of the girls anyway.

So, it’ll be me and a bartender and 10-12 dancers at her place with way too much food and booze. What could possibly go wrong? Believe it or not, I’m usually the responsible one at events like this.

I’ll definitely keep an eye on my drinking so things don’t get out of hand. I’ll bring my chair and not the table because I think that’s just a better idea. Safer, certainly.

Now I have to whip up a new batch of massage butter. This is going to be fun, and I get paid!

hashtag smileyface


Will need photos


I’ll make sure to take a picture of the money. It’ll all be in sweaty singles.

Okay, this is Canada. it’ll be freshly cleaned fivers.


Maybe this shouldn’t make me happy, but…

I was thinking about getting some flannel sheets for the winter. My roommate just got his, so I asked for the link, because they look wonderfully soft & fluffy. I look at the link, and realize that he ordered queen size sheets, but his bed is a full. Mine is a queen. Therefore, I ordered full size for him, but I get mine now! :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t see anything wrong with that making you happy. He screwed up, you fixed the problem, and you get the instant gratification bonus. It’s a win-win. Or win-win-plus.


I went to archery and did not have to coach a beginner’s class. I spent the morning shooting the Yumi, and the afternoon shooting the franken-recurve.

I shall regret this tomorrow, but for now I am happy.


I feel guilty about being so happy because the roommate was sooo looking forward to getting his bed all made up in the soft fluffy sheets this weekend.


Then he should have made sure his order was correct :smile:

It’s not at all your fault and you have ended up helping him, so no reason to feel guilty.


@Nabiki Tell your roommate that he can sleep with you to enjoy the fluffiness. Problem solved.


She could do better.


I removed another 45 pieces of clothing from my closet today because they are too large. Bittersweet as some were and still are favorites of mine, and were part of some life-changing events. But life goes on, and in smaller clothes!


Roommate didn’t have to wait long. The sheets arrived today. I’m still not used to this whole Sunday delivery thing.


Same day delivery gets me. Especially since its always a surprise.


Yeah, that still seems odd, but a nice bonus when you get it.

My buddy in DFW is probably 30 miles from the nearest Amazon facility, and he gets same day sometimes. Lucky bastard.
Amazon has warehouses about 12 miles from my home in a couple directions, but we still don’t have same day delivery here. Frickin’ why?