What Made You Happy Today?


I’m glad that a snowblower is not on the list of things I ever have to worry about purchasing.


I have an electric start w/ pull cord backup but yeah, I gotta do a shakedown on mine soon.


game of thrones snowblower memes incoming :stuck_out_tongue:

edit : I don’t watch GoT… got better things to do with my family than staring at a small screen…


Saw a hummingbird for the first time. Didn’t know there were any around here.


I need to do the same to mine and move it into the garage. I also have an electric start but I make sure every year that the pull works too. We’re not supposed to have a lot of snow this winter and my snowblower is overkill even for the worst we ever get but the North Coaster in me always plans for the absolute worst.


I have a gravel driveway, I wish I could use a snowblower… though the rate its compacting I may be able to next year.


Well there’s your problem! Glad we’ve narrowed that down. :rofl:

I think our TV watchin’ screen is like 55".


I started paying for a plowing service a couple of years ago. Money well spent, I tell you what. It’s around $400 for the season and that is enough to notice, but still not enough to cancel out the joy of not having to scrape the snow from my garage to the street.


Hey, don’t be dissin’ mah small screen, duh :stuck_out_tongue:



I have a gravel driveway - gotta pack down the first one or two, and then bob’s your uncle (or the oilguy). You can also adjust the gliders (or add bigger ones) to keep it higher up.

You do have to be careful about throwing stones though.


During the wee-wee hours of the morning our doggy started barking. I could hear our doggy bark all the way from our house, then up the driveway then finally at the gate. (02:30 am)

When the sun came up, I got out of bed, then toddled on over to our gate. Yep, we had visitors (gate was not closed properly), and the doggy gave them a good talking-to :smiley:


Good doggy.


Meh @ HPE for makening it difficult to download drivers for servers and server products.

Got an HP ProLiant ML110 G7 here, DOA from site. Got told we can play around with it.


Gave it to my appy to check out, it doesn’t switch on although all the blinkenlights on the motherboard lights up etc etc. Suspect a wonky PSU.

Instructs appy to swap out PSU’s. Still same thing.

Appy discovers it is the front power button that dieded. Salvaged a power button from another case, soldered some wires, and the server now starts up.

Have ordered a power button bezel and new power button in the meantime.

For now the server can be switched on and off via the power button.

Tried to install server2016 - need RAID drivers. But HPE doesn’t want to play ball, but managed to get the correct RAID and NIC drivers. Am not impressed with that, but anyway.

Reason for this? Server2003 DC is not in good shape, is on its way out (or so it seems). So I have to get a replacement in before something nasty happens.


Those orange leaves that hadn’t fallen yet from my persimmon tree aren’t leaves. They’re persimmons! :smiley: I’m going to pick them when they’re ripe, and I’m going to make hoshigaki (dried persimmons). I love hoshigaki.


Doesn’t hoshigaki roughly translate as arrowhead hungry spirit?


What/who is an appy?


Appy = short for apprentice


kaki/gaki = persimmon
hoshi = dried

Those have different translations depending on the kanji used. Hoshi also means star, gaki also means kid/brat.


So wherever I read that gaki means hungry spirit or hungry ghost was wrong?


I don’t know of that definition, but that doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. It just isn’t one of the definitions I’ve ever heard for it.