What Made You Happy Today?


Sun is in full force here today. I should have run over lunch but it’s in the high 80s so forget that, I’ll do it tonight (and tonight, I’ll bail on it I’m sure).

Feeling guilty that I didn’t take the afternoon to watch with my kids but there’s always April 8, 2024.


Just watched the 91% eclipse.

One of our bunch snapped this shot:

That’s sunlight through the decorative tree near the building’s entrance.


I saw some of that too, I need to look up what it was.

The chickens still aren’t back to normal.


That one will be close to us. I’m planning to be at my buddy’s country property east of Dallas for the 2024 eclipse.


Heading over to the fab lab tonight for the first time (not counting the class). Cutting some prototype pieces for my Hackintosh conversion, and maybe some demo pieces for a board game prototype I’ve been fiddling with.


My running buddy from $oldjob (who I can’t run with anymore because she’s become one of those crazy marathoners and I can barely eek out a 5K now) gots herself a new job. One month before I fear the worst is going to happen at that place.


Gots my new cover for my Xiaomi Redmi 4A device this morning.


Every year, I buy school supplies and give them to an elementary school. This year it was a school in Pennsylvania that I drive past when I do the Pittsburgh run. Today, I got a thank you note. Not just from the principal, but from what looks like every student in the school.

I’ve been doing this for about 20 years and it’s the first time anything like this has happened. :grinning:


Went to see Cirque Du Soleil yesterday and it was fantastic :smile:


On 8/28 I was laid off. As layoffs go it wasn’t bad. They kept me on the payroll until 9/8 and then I get another four weeks of severance from $Parent_Company. On 9/7 I was offered a job that is about a 70% jump in pay, It’s contract to hire but even if I only work the six months that money will solve a ton of problems. The next day the recruiter called me back and told me he’d gotten them to give me an extra $1.30 or so per hour. Which not only makes the salary bump closer to 75% but is also more than all the combined raises I got from my previous employer. I think it may also put me into a higher tax bracket but c’est la vie. Mrs. Force10 has been unemployed since April so this will be a huge help.


That’s good to hear, @Force10 … let’s hope the temp-to-hire works out, and it turns out to be someplace you WANT to stay.

First place going under, or something?


Not going under, but they had a horrible FY 2017 (as did $Parent_Company) so they got rid of a bunch of people.


So rather than improving their product to sell more of them next year, or slashing C-level mangler’s bonuses, or cutting share dividends, they sack staff. Way to go…


Had lunch at a teriyaki place today. This was the first one I’ve been with teriyaki salmon that cooked it more like you would a salmon steak. It took longer but was worth it.


Actually I think a couple of the C-level manglers saw the writing on the wall because they jumped ship a couple months before this all happened.


I start my new job tomorrow!


Don’t forget to wave your ha… or do you wear those in Cali?



I have seen Californians in hats, but it could have been a special occasion.

In other news, me and $Wife’s tradition of Fun with Hats while on vacation continued, as I ended up wearing a Mardi Gras jester had, a steampunk hat, and a couple others on this trip.


iOS 11 is pretty snappy on my iPhone 6s, in many respects it feels faster and lighter than its predecessor.


You sure it’s iOS11? :stuck_out_tongue: