What I'll be doing for New Years Eve -

First thing, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I know, I’m a little early, but who would have thunk it, 2016 is almost here and so am I!! Yay!! Or boo!! Matter what flavor of bubble gum you like chewing.

I like grape.

But each his or her or its own.

I thinking about taking over the world on midnight, nothing too flashy, just some dynamite, a 1.9 kabillion gigawatt laser, and maybe some cheerleaders from the Detroit Lions.

What else do they have to do right?

And I won’t keep it long, just enough to add to my resume.

Afterwards, I might drink some hot coco with marshiemellows because well, sounds good.

And then sleepie time at 12:04 AM.


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If it’s anything like last year, I’d be putting in the earplugs so I can get to sleep, exept this time I’m on call, so if I’m still at home at the time, I guess I’ll have to just stay up to at least 12:30 in case anyone wants to celebrate.

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I’m hoping that I do not have to put up with the gunshots and fireworks this year, since I am no longer in San Francisco.

And I plan to kick back with some nice hot chocolate, liberally “flavored” with amaretto.

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I will no doubt be dealing with freaked out cats since I have some fireworks happy neighbours. I may also do the traditional watching of Monty Python’s Search for the Holy Grail. I don’t know exactly when that became a New Year’s tradition for me, but for many years I would be watching that movie when the year changed.


I’ve re-started my tradition of going to Ireland for New Years.

Why Ireland?

Because there’s more parties and less stabbing than England. No, really, it’s a statistical fact.

So I’ll be at my best friend’s aunt’s house enjoying alcohol and home cooked snacks, waiting for that wretched chorus of Auld Lang Sine, before trudging back to my friends house to pass out on his sofa next to his dog that farts way too much.


And I also did a lot of cleaning, waiting for the neighbors to shut up.

Last night was surprisingly quiet. :slight_smile: No freaked out cats, no fireworks from midnight to two.

The secret for me turned out to be only getting 3 hours of sleep the night before, which made it so I needed to go to bed much earlier. It was either quiet in my neighborhood or I slept right through the celebrations. Wasn’t able to sleep through the pages that went off every half hour starting at about 12:30 a.m., though, because the person who was supposed to take care of it didn’t respond.

We went out at 8:00 expecting to have a couple drinks, listen to a couple songs from the band, and head on home by around 9:30 at the latest.

We got home around 1:45 AM, band was great, people were great, and the Long Islands were flowing. And I even woke up with no headache or anything.