What Happened When I Moved My Company To A 5-Hour Workday

Very interesting read.


My current job is 6 hours/day, and I love it. Granted, I do need to take text books home to read on my own time, but that will happen less when I start teaching classes that I’ve taught before.

If companies had more reasonable work hour expectations then they wouldn’t have to have over the top exceptions for sickness, pregnancy, and vacations.

If I worked a 25 hour work week I wouldn’t come on here to vent during office hours, that time is now too valuable to spend on here. In fact, I could spend easily 80% of my time task focused and less on BS.

I also wouldn’t mind pushing for that extra mile to get something over the top. Staying to 8 at night is a big deal when I’m already 24 hours into the week and it’s only Wednesday, But putting in the extra 5-10 hours to get something going isn’t so impossible when I’m only 15 hours in.


I did use to work at a company that had Friday afternoon off, and it was Glorious.

And guess what, physicals and dental exams were all on Friday afternoon.